There's a Reason They're Called Learners' Permits

Here's this week's assortment of items from some suburban police blotters.

Occasionally, Dad Needs a Relaxing Day at a Spa

LA GRANGE, Sept. 26—A 15-year-old La Grange Highlands girl who was learning to drive hit the accelerator by mistake and drove into Natasha’s Salon and Day Spa, 539A S. LaGrange Rd., at about 7:10 p.m., according to police. No injuries were reported. The Acura she was in was towed from inside the building. Her father told police he was with her while she was driving under a learner’s permit. He said she pulled into the parking lot turning from LaGrange Road, tried to park, hit the accelerator by mistake, went over the parking post and sidewalk and hit the building, he said. No tickets were issued, according to the police report.

Identity May Be Stolen, but Remember Who You Are

LA GRANGE, Sept. 27—A La Grange woman told police she was the victim of identity theft involving 21 transactions with her Charter One debit card. She needed a police complaint number to forward to the bank. Police said during the interview the woman became evasive and uncooperative. The woman, Lashon Gibson, was held in custody when it was discovered she is wanted on a warrant for deceptive practice in Rosemont and a traffic violation in Oak Brook. She was scheduled to be bonded out Sept. 28, police said.

Doesn't Even Break Mom's Laws

LA GRANGE, Sept. 26—La Grange police received a call from the Western Springs police at about 2:11 a.m. that they got a report of a man dressed all in black who looked like he was breaking into a silver vehicle on Hillgrove Avenue, three blocks east of Gilbert Avenue. At Hillgrove and Poplar, Police found a Chicago woman, 37, and a 31-year-old Countryside man, who was outside the vehicle smoking a cigarette. He told police his mother does not allow him to smoke inside the vehicle.

They're Just Dogs

BATAVIA, Sept. 25—Two dogs were involved in a fight on the 100 block of Spring Street. One dog went away from the scene with a torn left ear and red eye, according to a police report. No further action is being pursued at this time.

They're Just People

BATAVIA, Sept. 25—Two subjects were involved in an incident of battery on the 0-99 block of North Water Street. One subject head-butted the other subject, according to police. There was a large laceration on top of the victim's head, and a possible chipped tooth. The victim left prior to the responding officer's arrival. Police were unable to locate the victim.

They Make Movies about Some Heists. Not This One.

DOWNERS GROVE, Sept. 23—Loss prevention employees at Best Buy, 1432 Butterfield Rd., told police they were alerted by another employee who observed a man on his knees in an aisle of the store with an iPad taken from a different aisle. The security staffers watched the man walk through the store and eventually into a restroom, with two iPads valued at $1,460. A staff member went into the restroom and heard aluminum foil being crumpled in one of the stalls. When the man left the restroom, the employee said the outline of the iPad packages were visible under the man's jacket. Security staff were waiting for the man in the vestibule of the store's exit. They said when the asked the man about the items, he told them to leave him alone and started swinging his arms, striking one staff member in the chest. The two staff members chased the man through the parking lot and across Butterfield Road, which has multiple lanes of traffic at that location. When officers arrived, the man was yelling and swearing at an employee who was holding him on the ground. Police said the suspect also resisted when they handcuffed him. Akua Lavow, 28, of Chicago was charged with retail theft, aggravated battery and resisting a peace officer.

Under-Reported Crime: Sandals on Men in the Fall

ELMHURST, Sept. 19—Police got call about a stolen purse at Elmhurst College, 190 S. Prospect Ave. Police discovered that several purses had been stolen from the cafeteria between 2:30 and 3:15 p.m. and dumped in the women's washroom. Wallets, cell phones and credit cards were taken. Witnesses described a suspect wearing a plaid winter jacket and sandals, and carrying a backpack.

The Old Free-Cape Caper

ELMHURST, Sept. 17—A resident of the 300 block of Ferndale told police he plays the online game Runescape, which requires items to be purchased to advance to the next level. He said he purchased multiple items over a few years, valued at more than $200. Then he got a call from someone telling him he qualified for a free cape, based on his multiple purchases. The victim figured the call was legitimate because the caller knew a lot of information about him. The victim gave the caller access to his account. When he logged on later, all of his purchases were gone.

More Than a Bowl Missing after Block Party

ELMHURST, Sept. 11—Three lawn chairs worth $100 apiece were taken from a home on the 200 block of Highland between 8 and 8:30 a.m. The owner said she left the chairs at a block party the day before and was returning to pick them up. The chairs had her name on them and were left at the curb; when she went to get them, they were gone.

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