Someone Paints 'GD' on 'Welcome to Geneva Sign

Criminal Damage to Property: More graffiti in Geneva, this time on the city's welcome sign.

Someone spray painted the Welcome to Geneva sign on the southwest corner of Anderson Boulevard and State Street, the back of a stop sign at the southwest corner of Gray and Anderson Boulevard and the back of a stop sign at the northwest corner of McKinley Avenue and Union Street sometime between noon and 4:19 p.m.  Dec. 11, Geneva police reports said.

One stop sign had “GD” painted on the back, the other had a pitchfork painted on the back. The Welcome to Geneva sign had painting on both front and back. The back had a star, s symbol similar to the Packman ghost, a pyramid and what appeared to be GSG; the front was painted with a star and another symbol.

The graffiti was removed and the report had no estimate on the cost to repair the damage.


If you have information about this or any other crime in Geneva, please contact the Geneva Police Department at 630-232-4736.




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