Sheriff's Department: Travel 'Dangerous' in Western Kane County

Kane County Sheriff Pat Perez: "If you made it to work this morning please try to get home before sundown."

The Kane County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about a dangerous Monday evening commute, especially on roads west of the Tri-Cities.

"Kane County Sheriff Pat Perez is encouraging motorists to plan ahead for their evening commute," said a bulletin from the Sheriff's Office. "While conditions east of Route 47 are fairly good, the further west you get the worse they are.  We have had whiteout conditions in some areas all day."

Areas along Route 47 were cleared, but are drifting back over in the afternoon.

"We have areas that are already down to one lane," the press release said. "With the wind continuing and temperatures dropping travel in the western part of Kane County WILL be dangerous tonight."

Some areas have snow drifts "comparable to those seen in the Blizzard in 2011," the report said.

"We cannot be more direct then this. Travel in western Kane County will be hazardous at best. People driving  need to expect to be stranded in their cars and be prepared to be there for some time. To just assume you will get where you are going or if you do get stuck help is only minutes away is a dangerous way to plan.

"Expect the worst so you are prepared if it happens. Once roads become impassable even emergency crews may not get to you.

"We realize people will still drive in these conditions and we have even heard people complain about these warnings but the last thing anyone wants is for a tragic situation to happen and a loved one dies in these conditions. Travel should take place while it is still light out so people can see the roads.  If you made it to work this morning please try to get home before sundown."


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