REPORT: Batavia X-Mas Power Outage Caused By Goose

This is the fourth recent outage for the city, according to media reports.

Something fowl was to blame for the power outage in Batavia on Christmas night.

A Canada goose flew into some power lines on the city's west side that night, the Kane County Chronicle reports.

The power went out at about 5 p.m. and was restored within the hour, according to .

The brief outage did cause a ruckus. People in some areas of the Randall 16 theater begin to get restless, a Batavia Patch reader said. Alarms at some west-side businesses also sounded because of the outage, prompting police responses.

Sunday's goose incident was the fourth Batavia power outage this month. There was an outage on Dec. 20 and two on Dec. 14, the first of which backed up traffic downtown, police said.

Three of the four outages were tied to damages from external sources, according to the Chronicle's story.


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