Red-Light Camera Sorts Out Disputed Randall Road Accident With Injuries

An accident on Randall Road involving three vehicles

One of Geneva's red-light cameras helped settle a dispute over which driver was at fault in an April 6 accident with injuries that ended up causing damage to three vehicles.

The rear and passenger side of an Acura RSX driven by Paul Rothlisberger, 28, of St. Charles collided with the front of a Chrysler Sebring driven by Amber Froeming, 22, of St. Charles around 5:29 p.m. April 6 at the intersection of South Randall Road and Fargo Boulevard, reports said.

Medical assistance was brought to the scene and Peter Stuewe, a passenger in Froeming’s Sebring, was taken to Delnor Hospital, reports said. The drivers declined to be taken to the hospital. 

Rothlisberger’s RSX was stopped in the left-turn lane for northbound Randall Road preparing to turn west on Fargo, and Rothlisberger told police the north-south traffic signal turned yellow, so he began his turn.

The RSX was struck by Froeming’s Sebring, which was travelling south on Randall, according to police reports.

Sebring told police she was in the easternmost lane and the light was green as she was entering the intersection.

A review of the traffic video confirmed Froeming’s version of events, reports said.

The debris from the crash caused damage to the front of an Audi Allroad driven by Paul McKneight, 48, of Batavia. The report did not say specifically howmuch damage was done to each vehicle, but more than $1,500 damage was done to any one vehicle. 

Rothlisberger was issued a warning for failure to yield turning left.

Rick Anderson April 27, 2012 at 02:41 PM
A warning ticket is all that was issued for a collision that was somebody's fault!? Saint Charles gives citations for far lesser offenses like unintentional parking lot bumper taps.Also, I didn't know Froeming's car, the Sebring could talk to police like it is reported. If that was deliberate reporting, it makes for funny stuff.


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