POLICE: Ex-Bank Manager Charged With Exploitation, Forgery in St. Charles

A 56-year-old woman is accused of withdrawing funds from an elderly customer's account.

After a six-month investigation, a 56-year-old St. Charles woman was charged with financial exploitation of the elderly, forgery and felony theft, police said.

Police arrested Lynn A. Pranga, 283 Fairhaven Drive, St. Charles, after an investigation revealed the former branch manager of an MB Financial Bank violated a customer's account by making unauthorized withdrawals of an account between 2009 and 2011.

The investigation began Jan. 11 after an elderly MB Financial Bank customer reported to bank officials that his five-year certificate of deposit had been changed to a one-year CD and was worth far less than when it started out.

Officials from the bank at 2607 Lincoln Highway told the customer that records showed several withdrawals had been made from the account. He denied having made any withdrawals.

An investigation was launched by bank officials who worked with the St. Charles Police Department.

Subpoenas were obtained over the next several months, in order to obtain information on various bank accounts and information was requested for telephone billing. The investigation revealed several withdrawals and deposits were made on the victim’s original CD, as well as two other accounts he had with the bank.

The withdrawals allegedly occurred between June 2009 and June 2011, according to police reports. 

The investigation determined the withdrawals and some deposits had been made by Pranga, the former branch manager. Pranga had "control and responsibility over the accounts as part of her professional duties," police said.

Following the investigation, officers contacted the Kane County States Attorney’s Office and charges of Financial Exploitation of the Elderly, Forgery, and Theft were authorized. Arrest warrants were obtained and bail was set at $30,000.  

Pranga turned herself in to police on July 24, 2012. After being booked on the charges, she was released on cash bond. 

Pranga was assigned a court date of 9 a.m. Aug. 8, 2012, in Room 203 of the Kane County Judicial Center.


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