Police Bust Tri-Cities Teens at Underage Drinking Party

The party included girls from Batavia, Geneva and St. Charles. Here's where and how they got caught.

A total of 12 local teens were cited after a drinking party this week in North Aurora, police announced today.

About 25 teens in all were at the party. Those receiving citations include four St. Charles girls, two Batavia girls and one Geneva girl.

Police issued citations to those who tried to run away once they showed up. They even mailed citations to those that were at the party and managed to flee that night.

North Aurora patrol officers responded to the incident at 9:48 p.m. Tuesday. The party was in the 700 block of Hartfield Drive in North Aurora.

A neighbor initially called it in as a burglary in progress, but police found a party with teens and alcoholic beverages.

The Partygoers

Some of the teens fled the residence, but the officers gave chase and caught them. These subjects were each given an ordinance citation for Unlawful Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor. They are:

  • Jennifer R. Mader, an 18-year-old from the 1300 block of Burnham Lane, Batavia.
  • A juvenile female, 15, of Geneva
  • A juvenile female, 17, of St. Charles
  • A juvenile female, 17, of Batavia
  • A juvenile female, 17, of St. Charles
  • A juvenile female, 17, of Aurora

Several subjects escaped from the residence, refused orders by police to stop, and were mailed ordinance citations for Obstructing a Police Officer. They are:

  • A male, 19, of the 49 W 700 block of Hinckley Road, Big Rock
  • A male, 19, of the 600 block of White Oak Way, Yorkville
  • A male, 18, of the 100 block of North Ellsworth Street, Naperville
  • A juvenile male, 17, of Yorkville
  • A juvenile female, 17, of St. Charles
  • A juvenile female, 16, of St. Charles

Names of adults are being withheld until they have received their citations. They will be released at a later date.

About This Incident

No residents were present at the house at the time of this event. This incident remains under investigation by the North Aurora Police Department.

Village of North Aurora ordinance violations are punishable by fine, ranging from $50 to $750. All subjects charged in this case are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Underage drinking will not be tolerated in this area, said North Aurora Lt. Scott Buziecki.

"Nobody was hurt as a result of the incident, but we all know the tragedy that can happen after teenagers, alcohol and vehicles are mixed," Buziecki said in an e-mail.

Anonymous December 30, 2011 at 08:23 PM
As a Rosary High School alumna and concerned reader, I feel that it is both in bad taste and unjust to include a link in this article to "Rosary Graduates from Geneva, Batavia, and St. Charles." While Ms. Mader's actions are certainly not condoned by the Rosary High School community or the Tri-Cities Community at large, it seems unfair to attach her misstep to her former high school, and not to the university at which she is currently enrolled. Including a link to the 2011 Rosary High School graduation announcement reflects poorly on both the graduates and current students. I believe that I speak for the entire Rosary community by requesting that the link to Ms. Mader's high school be removed from this article.


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