More than $12,000 in Scrap Metal, Tools Stolen from Food Bank Site

Police reports: Among the items taken were $1,500 of pipe fitting valued at $11,200.

This item from the Geneva police blotter is distressing in part because someone took items from the construction site of a charity—the Northern Illinois Food Bank. It also shows how desperate some thieves are to get their hands on scrap metal, often from construction sites.

It's also a little amazing that someone could carry off 1,500 pounds of anything.

Someone took a number of items with a total value of more than $12,000 from a contruction site of the Northern Illinois Food Bank, 273 Dearborn Court, sometime between noon March 17 and 12:15 p.m. March 28, reports said.

Advantage Refrigeration reported someone entered a steel storage shed and took tools and a tool box, including 1,500 pouinds of pipe fitting valued at $11,200, a Milwaukee Portia Band valued at $250, a Rigid Cordless Set valued at $400 , a torch kit valued at $150, five cans of glue and tape valued at $200, and 100 pounds of junk copper valued at $300.

There have been a number reports of late about theft of .


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