Missing Mom Wanted on Arrest Warrant & Evicted Weeks Before Vanishing

Missing mother Linda Fellenbaum—who is wanted on an arrest warrant—was tossed out of her Hinsdale apartment a month and a half before she vanished. Her toddler son remains missing as well.

Just a month and a half before she supposedly ran barefoot into the Joliet night, never to be seen again, DuPage County Sheriff's deputies served an eviction order at missing mom Linda Fellenbaum's Hinsdale apartment.

Fellenbaum's possessions were carried from the apartment on Sept. 5 and left outside. By then, according to police, Fellenbaum, 33, was living with her new boyfriend, Donald Wolak, in his house on Joliet's west side. According to the report, she did not return to collect her things.

Wolak and Fellenbaum's relationship started after they met online in late August, police said, but the affair had apparently soured by Oct. 16. That was when Wolak, 40, told police Fellenbaum stole a "large sum of cash" and one of his handguns.

Wolak later told detectives Fellenbaum stayed gone for five days, and when she unexpectedly showed up the night of Oct. 21, he expected her to return his money and gun.

Instead, Wolak told police, the couple argued and Fellenbaum fled his home barefoot. Besides leaving behind her shoes, she neglected to take along her cell phone. Fellenbaum also apparently chose to leave her Toyota Camry in Wolak's driveway when she made her getaway.

Wolak has failed to respond to numerous requests from Patch to discuss Fellenbaum and what he believes may have happened to her.

Before heading over to Wolak's place on the last night anyone knows she was alive, Fellenbaum allegedly met with a stranger for a sex date at a Naperville hotel.

The Chicago man, who asked not to be identified, said he connected with Fellenbaum on Craigslist. He said they rendezvoused about 4 p.m. that Sunday at a "cash advance place," then drove separately to the hotel. But when they got there, Fellenbaum backed out.

"We briefly saw each other and she got cold feet," the man said, adding, "We never ended up doing anything."

Fellenbaum has been wanted on a Kankakee County arrest warrant since August. She failed to appear in court to answer charges of driving with a suspended license.

After Fellenbaum vanished, her family figured out that the youngest of the missing mother's three children, 2-year-old Jonathan, may not have been staying temporarily with a Chicago couple, as they assumed.

The family cannot find the mystery couple, said Fellenbaum's mother, Deborah Barr, and they have no idea what has become of the little boy.

Joliet police Cmdr. Brian Benton said detectives are still trying to establish the child's basic biographical information, including his date and place of birth. Detectives are also trying to track down a birth certificate, he said.

Barr said Fellenbaum never revealed the identity of the child's father.

"The father was also Linda's secret," she said.

One of Fellenbaum's two other children lives in Milwaukee, WI. The other is in Country Club Hills.

Before moving into Wolak's home at 3608 Crockett Court, Fellenbaum was living in the Hidden Lakes of Hinsdale apartment complex on 59th Street, according to a heavily redacted report released by the Hinsdale police. Fellenbaum first arrived there in May, police said they were told by the property manager, and quickly started stiffing her landlord.

"She bounced a rent check in June and the management company started the eviction process in July," the police report said.

"Fellenbaum did not show up for an eviction court hearing and the order for eviction was served by the DuPage County Sheriff's Office on September 5th," the report said. "On September 5th, all of Fellenbaum's belongings were removed from the apartment."

The property manager reportedly told police Fellenbaum had not been seen around the apartment complex for two weeks prior to the eviction.

Fellenbaum's two sisters reported her missing to the Hinsdale police on Oct. 21. One sister, Sarah Ogeto, reportedly told police "Linda is not a regular drinker, she does not use drugs or gamble."

She also told an officer "Linda has been withdrawn from the family for over a year" but "has been in contact with her sisters for the last few months."

By Oct. 25, the Hinsdale police determined Fellenbaum's case was outside their jurisdiction and handed it off to the Joliet Police Department. The Joliet police apparently took Fellenbaum's case before a grand jury earlier this month but no charges have been filed in connection with her disappearance.

mama November 30, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Yes it is in fact her. They indentified her thru her finger prints n her mugshot is up. Why don't u open ur eyes n read the articles before u open ur mouth. And yea mr hosey is gona have a lot of explaining to do now that he has reported false information.
mama November 30, 2012 at 08:29 PM
Tommy the hatred is everyone assumed donnie did something to her when in fact he was the victim this entire time. He name was dragged thru the mudd. Just because linda is a woman everyone is automatically under the assuption she's the victim. So all u idiots out there who made earlier postings on the original story should all apologize and or keep ur mouth shut.
Concerned Citizen November 30, 2012 at 08:29 PM
Now the Patch needs to tell the Story on how this women has destroyed a mans name. How this women has abused the kindness of hundreds in the area. What a disgrace arrested on petty theft.
Jacob McCandles December 04, 2012 at 11:28 PM
Flora Dora December 07, 2012 at 07:47 PM
Will they keep her in Georgia. I hope so.


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