LCD Projector Stolen From High School Is at Least the Fifth This Year

Police reports show that projectors at Geneva High School have been stolen at least five times since March.

For at least the fifth time this year, someone has stolen an LCD projector from .

According to reports, an unknown person took an LCD projector from the high school at 416 McKinley Ave. sometime around 7:40 a.m. Nov. 23. The LCD is valued at $800. The projector was taken from a classroom, where it was left unsecured, reports said.

Earlier in the month, a video projector from a classroom at the high school, as well. That happened sometime between 2:45 p.m. Nov. 4 and 7:40 a.m. Nov. 7, and the projector also was valued at about $800, according to the reports.

A projector was taken from a classroom at the high school sometime between 3:50 p.m. April 5 and 7:45 a.m. April 6. That projector was valued at $1,800.

An from Geneva High School on Thursday, March 10. The estimated value of the projector was $829, police reports said.

Another NEC LCD projector was reported missing from the school on Wednesday, March 23, with an estimated value of $1,179, according to reports.

In the March and April incidents, police reports indicate the projectors were stored on moveable carts connected to a computer. In two cases, the computer carts were taken, and when the carts were located, the cords were still attached to the computer, but the projectors were missing.


If you have information on this or any other crime in Geneva, please contact the Geneva Police Department at (630) 232-4736.



Sandy Kaczmarski December 12, 2011 at 01:56 PM
Yeah, Bob I have to agree. I remember reporting on a couple of them being stolen months ago, too. This isn't a new problem; A/V equipment has always been an easy target. Surely there's something that can be done to stop this expensive equipment from "walking."
John Perdikus December 12, 2011 at 03:27 PM
Mike December 12, 2011 at 04:35 PM
ALL schools should have cameras installed.Not just for this,but for security purposes also.
Bob McQuillan December 12, 2011 at 05:16 PM
A simple question was posted 24 hours ago: " What has the district done is stop this from happening again?" Did they check Craig's List for hot deals on LCD projectors in Geneva? We probably don't have security cameras because the children needed in-lay marble floors with the school logo in every school lobby so the kids would feel good about their school! Oh, can't walk on the logo. 24 hours later without a response from any board member or administrator. Maybe someone should ask the question at tonight's school board meeting at the former, now vacant, Coultrap Elementary School which starts at 7:00pm. Oh that's right, it is the board's business meeting and while public comments are accepted, they don't need to be answered. Does the same go for when they increase the tax levy by 1.% plus more than 16 million in debt repayment at tonight's meeting? Do they expect us to pay the increase? See the board & administration in action tonight, the result will be at least a $350.00 increase in your school property tax. Add that to the possible City, Library & Park District increase and you are talking @$500 per year. Then add the electric, water & sewer rate increases and you are probably at $700 per year. Don't even think about it costing $3.09 to get rid of a can of trash. LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED, YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE PRICE OF ADMISSION? TOO BAD FOR YOU, YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF TOWN CAUSE IT AIN'T YOUR TOWN NO MORE! Wake up because it is almost too late.
Bob McQuillan December 12, 2011 at 07:36 PM
5 1/2 hours till your school taxes increase and still no answer on how the school district plans to stop LCD projectors from walking away. Oops, there goes another $5,000! When will the community stop this insanity? Maybe tonight? Lets Occupy the vacant Coultrap "facility"!


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