GHS Death Threat Suspect Wants Bail Reduced, Charge Tossed

Attorney claims charge is not "sufficient" in case against former student.

The 18-year-old former Geneva High School charged with wants his bail reduced and the charge dismissed.

Daniel Diomedes remains held in Kane County Jail on $45,000 bail charged with disorderly conduct relating to the April 26 email "stating he wanted (the dean) to suffer and die."

Calling the bail amount "excessive," Diomedes' attorney, Scott Sheen, will seek to have it reduced at a July 20 hearing. Diomedes has been in custody since May 3.

If released, Diomedes has been ordered to stay away from the school and no contact with its employees or their families.

Sheen also is seeking to have the charge thrown out because it fails to state an offense committed by Diomedes, according to a recently filed motion to dismiss. Sheen said the criminal complaint—which alleges Diomedes knowingly sent a threat of violence against the school and the dean—is "not legally sufficient."

The district previously declined to comment on any student-related matters, including when Diomedes attended the high school.

Devon Vida June 24, 2011 at 08:22 PM
Death threats should not be taken lightly, but this does seem a little excessive. The boy is not getting the help he obviously badly needs sitting in a jail cell for almost two months. I'm sure there is much more to the situation than what has been made public; however, it doesn't sound as though he actually had plans to harm the dean. If rotting in a cell since May 3rd hasn't taught him a lesson a mental institution seems a more appropriate place for him to work out his issues. What a tragic story for all involved.


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