Dog in Coyote Attack Likely Dead in North Aurora, Police Say

The dog was never found and a body was never recovered.

The dog that was attacked by coyotes and taken away earlier this month in North Aurora is presumed dead, according to police.

The dog never returned and his body was never recovered, said Scott Buziecki, North Aurora deputy police chief.

A group of coyotes took the small dog away at about 2:30 a.m. Nov. 4 while he was in the owner's backyard in the 2800 block of Sterkel Road.

In a coyote encounter, an owner or human's presence might make the difference.

Buziecki said he is not a coyote expert, but it appears that the wild animals went for the small dog in the Nov. 4 incident because it wasn't directly by its owner. That wasn't the case for another incident, which involved two coyotes and took place on Nov. 3 in a baseball field near Bauer Road and Schrader Lane.

"They did not approach the human who was walking a small dog," Buziecki said. "I presume they were looking at the dog as a potential victim, but did not approach because of fear of the adult, who was much bigger than them."

Coyote sightings, encounters and attacks on small animals in the suburbs have increased in recent years.

Experts advise people to stand their ground if coyotes appear and either yell or throw things at the creatures. Keep pets leashed and report any sightings of aggressive coyotes to the local police department as soon as possible.


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