'Distraction' Used to Take 12 Zip-Up Hoodies From Aeropostale, Reports Say

Police reports: A two-woman team apparently worked in tandem to shoplift hooded sweatshirts.

Someone took 12 zip-up hooded sweatshirts from Aeropostale, 502 Commons Drive, sometime around 4 p.m. April 22, Geneva police reports said.

The complainant told police that two subjects came to the store within a minute of each other and went to the back of the store. The first subject came to the front of the store and asked for help, asking a number of questions about items in the front of the store, while trying to place herself between the employee and the second subject.

The second subject at the back of the store left carrying a full Bed, Bath and Beyond bag. The employee noted there are no Bed, Bath and Beyond stores in the Commons and told police he could see the red-and-blue zip-up hoodies in the bag.

The second subject exited the store before the employee could speak with her, reports said.

As second subject left, the first subject started talking on her cell phone, and then left without buying anything. The employee told police that he/she believes the two were working together.

After an inventory, the employee said 12 hoodies were taken.

The subjects are described as a light-skinned black female, 5-8, 190 pounds, and a dark-skinned black female, 5-2, 190 with short black hair and a black zip-up jacket. The merchandise was valued at $654.


If you have information about this or any other crime in Geneva, please contact the Geneva Police Department at 630-232-4736

JMZ May 05, 2012 at 01:44 AM
I was taught from an early age that if it's not yours, don't touch it! Why do so many people feel "entitled" to just take whatever they please? Stealing is and always has been and always will be - WRONG. I hope these people get caught and punished. But it would be even better if they did the right thing and turned themselves in.


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