Dartmouth Detective Arrested For Alleged Inappropriate Interaction with Stepdaughter

The following arrest was reported by the Middletown Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Robert Levinson, a detective from Dartmouth, Mass., was arrested on Thursday, Aug. 23 by the .   

Levinson, of 7 Mohawk Dr., South Dartmouth, Mass., allegedly showed his 37 year-old stepdaughter disturbing letters and photographs that tried to blackmail her into having sex with Levinson, said police.  The woman, a Middletown teacher, reportedly told police she believed he had fabricated the story.  

Sunday, August 19

Her stepfather allegedly showed up at her house and showed her two letters. The first letter was addressed to her mother and the second letter had her name on top of it, she reportedly told police.  He showed her photos of a naked body with her face edited onto the picture, police said.  He also reportedly showed pictures of himself that she said appeared to be unedited.

The second letter stated she had to send photos of her having sex with her stepfather or the photos would be sent to her workplace, police said.

Levinson allegedly told his stepdaughter that as a detective, he had put many people into jail, and it could have something to do with one of the cases.  When his stepdaughter said he had to call police, Levinson reportedly said “I am the police.”

He allegedly told his stepdaughter not to mention it to her mother because she had a weak heart and said she was not stable.   

Later that evening, Levinson reportedly sent a text to ask if her younger child had told his older sister if “Grampy had been at the house.”  When she told him no, he allegedly texted back and said she could tell them that “Grampy was working on a secret police mission.”  

Monday, August 20

She reportedly brought her children to her mother and stepfather’s house in Dartmouth, Mass. to leave them for the day while she went to work, said police.

Levinson allegedly sent texts throughout the day that he had something for her.  She reportedly told him to stop sending vague texts and called him.  He told her he had pepper spray, said police.  

When she picked up her children, he allegedly put the pepper spray into one of her bags.

Wednesday, August 22

Around 8:15 a.m., Levinson allegedly told her the individual who was responsible for the letters had called the Dartmouth Police Department on the main line, which was not recorded and the callerID showed an unknown number.

Levinson explained the individual said to meet him in a remote location and come unarmed, police said.  She told police he said he was going to meet the individual.

Around 6:00 p.m. that night, Levinson showed up at his stepdaughter’s house, said police.  He told her he met the party and described him as a shorter male, wearing sunglasses, a baseball hat, motorcycle gloves and shorts.  He told her he stopped three times on the way over to ensure he was not followed, said police.  He allegedly told his stepdaughter the male had given him a video camera to record them having sex.  

He reportedly told her he had offered the individual money or to tell the District Attorney’s Office he had lied about whatever case this involved; but the male only wanted the video.  He then allegedly suggested they made a video that appeared as if they were having sex.

After he left, she contacted a friend who was a police officer. After hearing her story, the officer notified the Middletown Police Department.  

Levinson allegedly called later that night to say a friend and him had “put pressure on him.”  He said he identified the party as Daniel Rezadou, who he said was helping out a daughter and mother that were involved with a case that Mr. Levinson had handled in March 2012.   He said it was over, but the next step was to contact this mother, who was said to be involved with Daniel Rezadou.  

Levinson was charged with disorderly conduct.

Tobias Cichon September 06, 2012 at 01:14 PM
I have no idea what any of this means... it's like trying to make out letters in a plate of spaghetti.
steven miller September 07, 2012 at 03:56 AM
What a creep! You've heard of dumb crooks? Well, now here's a dumb cop!! Here's a guy who investiagtes/questions people for a living, looking for trhuth and he pulls this crap. Throw the book at him!! I cannot believe he's only been chagrged with disorderly conduct! Give me a break! Why hasn't he been charged with attempted blackmail, or coercion, or conspiracy, or even STUPIDITY? What an idiot!! The guy has been referred to as a "Playwright" because he has penned a few plays on the side. I have a suggestion for his next play...he could call it, "The SEX TAPE RUSE"... a true detective story about a Dartmouth cop gone bad. Lies. Sex. Deception, Blackmail. What an embarrassment this guy is to his family!!
jeffnky September 08, 2012 at 03:17 AM
This sicko found a way ha thought he could con his stepdaughter to accept being raped. I bet he modeled his plan after the fast food workers being told to strip search each other by a fake cop on the phone. He thought he could live out his incest fantasy and blame it on some one else and even try to portray himself as a victim. America we have some very sick people with arrest powers roving our streets, cops commit sex crimes at a higher rate than the overall rate. The only way to bring back integrity is to reverse the supreme court policy that it was OK for a police officer to be highly trained in how to lie in their pursuit of crime. Anyone who things cops can un ring that bell in their brain and tell the truth when a lie will serve their needs better would be wise to check out some of the many sites that keep track of how many police are arrested every day, http://www.policemisconduct.net/
puzzling September 09, 2012 at 02:23 AM
Jeffnky +1000
Concerned Citizen September 15, 2012 at 01:09 PM
How many innocent people he put in jail by lying on the stand before a judge under oath and allegedly presented evidence that could be suspect. In reality he was chasing his own demon .... himself. The cases he testified should be reviewed with a fine tooth come, of any evidence he was directly involved with... I 'm just saying.


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