Coyote Mating Period Begins Soon

City warns residents coyotes could be seen more as mating season begins in February.

From the City of Wheaton:

From approximately February through April, residents may see more coyotes in the community, as this is their typical mating period. While pets do not comprise a large portion of a coyote’s diet, it is especially important to keep your pets on a leash during this time of year, when you may be more likely to encounter a coyote. Coyotes are opportunistic and will go for easy prey, such as an unattended pet.

Coyotes can become a nuisance when they have easy access to food in residential areas, such as pet food or garbage. To discourage their presence, eliminate these outdoor sources of food.

Many wildlife experts believe that coyote "hazing" can help deter coyotes. This is the term used for actions such as making loud noises or threatening gestures toward coyotes in an attempt to reestablish a healthy fear of humans. Hazing is not intended to physically harm coyotes. If you encounter a coyote, make yourself look as large as possible, and use the hazing techniques mentioned above.

The City encourages you to help report coyote incidents so that it can respond appropriately. The Coyote Incident Report Form is an online questionnaire available on the City’s website that you can use to help report coyote incidents with questions specific to the incident. However, please note that if a coyote is acting in a threatening manner toward a human, you should call 9-1-1, and an officer will respond. If you do not have internet access but would like to report a coyote incident, you can call the Police Department at 630-260-2161.

For more information, visit www.wheaton.il.us/coyote.

Gregg Slapak January 31, 2013 at 02:18 AM
Look out Wylie, "Patches" continues to be after you! LOL


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