Baffling Disappearance of St. Charles Man Still Unsolved

Feb. 23 is the sixth anniversary of the day John Spira last was seen at his West Chicago business.

He was a brother, a husband, a St. Charles blues guitarist and the owner of a West Chicago business.

And he’s been missing for fox six years.

Last seenabout 7 p.m. Feb. 23, 2007, John Spira’s disappearance left friends and family reeling and has baffled police ever since. Arizona attorney Stephanie Spira McNeil, Spira’s sister, has not given up on the search for her brother, although with time she has come to believe he was murdered.

She told the Huffington Post in November, saying the years without knowing what happened, why he was killed and how, and where he is now have made the loss that much more difficult. So has the idea that her brother’s killer has not been brought to justice.

DePage County authorities have not said whether they suspect that Spira was murdered.

Spira, who was 45 when he vanishedlast last was seen at the office of his cable construction company in West Chicago. His car was left at the business, which burned down five months after he went missing.

His family said soon after the fire that it was proof that Spira had met with foul play.

Since his disappearance, his family has continued to seek answers, advertising Spira’s photo on billboards and even launching a website, www.johnspira.com, to inform the public and encourage tips. McNeil writes a blog — her last entry on Jan. 3, announced that the company Clear Channel had agreed to keep up Spira’s billboards for the rest of the month.

The days and weeks and months coninue to march on, and the questions remain unanswered: What happened to John Spira? Has he died? Was he murdered? Where is he?

His family and his friends still long for the answers.


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