Authorities Euthanize Dog Involved in Fatal Attack

Kane County Animal Control put down a mastiff that attacked and killed a Bristol Kendall firefighter.

The dog that attacked and killed a member of the Bristol Kendall Fire Protection District was euthanized by Kane County authorities last week.

Lt. Pat Gengler of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the mastiff Dawn Brown and her husband took in only a week before the incident was put down by Kane County Animal Control over Thanksgiving. Brown, a 44-year-old firefighter/ paramedic for Bristol Kendall and the Big Rock Fire Protection District, died earlier this month from injuries sustained in an attack by the dog.

Gengler said the 6-year-old animal was put down at the request of Brown’s husband, not from a court order.

Two other dogs owned by the Browns, a boxer and a pit bull mixed breed, were returned to the care of Brown’s husband. Gengler said the other dogs were not involved in the attack.

“We held onto those dogs a little longer than normal, but that was primarily to give Mr. Brown some extra time to get himself ready to take them back in,” Gengler said.

Lt. David Denison of the Big Rock Fire Protection District told Patch the Brown’s took the mastiff in after the animal’s former owners had a baby and did not know how the dog would react to a newborn.

Brown, of Big Rock, died Nov. 12. She had been with Bristol Kendall since June of 2007.

Here's Wikipedia's list of U.S. fatal dog attacks in 2012.

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Elaine Lane November 30, 2012 at 08:20 PM
An absolutely horrible tragedy. I'm relieved the decision was made to put this dog down.


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