UPDATE: 5-Car Kirk Road Crash on Monday Caused By Speed, Following Too Closely

Three cars had to be towed away and one man is expected to receive a citation from this incident in Batavia. Here's more details on what happened.

One man is expected to receive a citation today after being part of a five-car crash Monday on Batavia's east side, police said.

The man will likely be cited for following too closely and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, according to . 

The crash occurred at the intersection of Kirk and Douglas roads. Police, along the , were dispatched to the crash at about 5:30 p.m. Monday.

No serious injuries were reported, but crews had to perform cleanup in that area for about an hour. Three of the cars had to be towed from the scene, said Ed Jancauskas, a Batavia Fire battalion chief.

Southbound traffic on Kirk Road was affected until about 6:45 p.m. on Monday.

The drivers involved in the crash are expected to come to the Batavia Police Department today for follow-up on the incident.

How the Crash Happened

The crash occurred in a northbound Kirk Road lane, Batavia Officer Rich Hall said.

One car was stopped in the northbound lane next to the median, waiting to turn west onto Douglas Road. Two cars were waiting behind the first car.

A fourth car, determined to be the at-fault car, came up behind the group of three cars that was waiting and rear-ended the last car, Hall said.

The impact affected the two front cars as well. At this point four cars were involved in the crash.

Then a fifth car heading northbound on Kirk hit the at-fault car, bringing the total to five cars affected.

There is no left-turn lane to get onto to Douglas Road from northbound Kirk Road.


All of the people involved were medically released at the scene—no one had to be transported, Jancauskas said. Two of the drivers were able to leave on their own.

All the drivers in this incident were male, Hall said. The crash involved residents from various towns, including North Aurora and Geneva.

There were no Batavia drivers involved in the crash, Hall said.

Another Crash on Kirk

Monday's crash was the third incident in the last two months to significantly affect traffic on Kirk Road. Three incidents overall this year required a significant emergency services response, according to Batavia Patch reports:

  • Last Friday morning, a crash at Kirk Road and Fabyan Parkway .
  • On Oct. 1, after a four-car crash on Kirk Road north of Wind Energy Pass.
  • On March 21, three people were transported for injuries in a roads.

Left-Turn Lessons

Monday's crash and the March 21 crash occurred at intersections with no left-turn lanes from northbound Kirk Road.

A Patch reporter in October observed that most of the roughly 30 left turns from northbound Kirk Road in Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles have a left-turn lane. However, Batavia had the least amount of left-turn lanes of the Tri Cities for its streets off of Kirk, in locations such as Kirk and Giese and Kirk and Chillem.

Several readers in October suggested installing left-turns lanes on Kirk Road. Their responses were listed under a Patch survey asking what would make Kirk Road safe. To view the survey and reader responses, click .

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