35 Dogs Taken From Suburban Puppy Mill, 'One of 100 Worst' in U.S.

Puppy Parlor in Lisle has closed its doors, leaving many dogs in search of new homes.

35 Dogs Taken From Suburban Puppy Mill, 'One of 100 Worst' in U.S.
35 Dogs Taken From Suburban Puppy Mill, 'One of 100 Worst' in U.S.
Written by Lauren Traut 

Nearly three dozen dogs are in need of gentle hands and new homes after being removed from what the Humane Society of the United States recently named one of the 100 worst puppy mills in the country.

Puppy Parlor, 4707 Main St. in Lisle closed its doors after several investigations and more than a year of daily protests by animal activists, including some from the Downers Grove-based West Suburban Humane Society.

Though primarily a pet store, it also reportedly housed "dozens of breeding dogs ... in cages stacked four high; some of the dogs appeared to have barely enough room to turn around," according to a Humane Society report.

Owner Tammy Coglianese repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, even as the Chicago Chapter of Companion Animal Protection Society marched outside the facility almost daily throughout 2013. The Illinois Department of Agriculture received at least 19 complaints about the facility in recent years. An investigation conducted as recently as September 2013 showed "no signs of mistreatment or neglect" to dogs on the property. 

"They claim we sell sick and dying puppies. Where is the proof?" reads a statement on Puppy Parlor's website. "Where are the veterinary reports stating such? Where are the pet owners that were involved?"

Almost Home Foundation, a rescue with experience in caring for puppy mill rescues, has taken in the dogs pulled from the facility after its abrupt closure February 24. Protesters thanked community members for their support, including volunteers from the West Suburban Humane Society in Downers Grove.

"You guys did an amazing job and were so tenacious," wrote a supporter of the protesters' efforts. "I hope all the sweet puppies will now have health and relief for a happy life with a family who will love them."

Coglianese rebutted the claims of neglect and abuse, stating that the store also helped re-home dogs for customers who are no longer able to keep or care for their pets. 

"If we aren’t able to help find the right pet for a customer we happily will direct the customer to a reputable shelter," reads a statement on the website. 

Municipalities are acting in some areas to restrict these businesses.

The Chicago City Council this week will vote on an ordinance aimed at banning the sale of commercial-bred dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores. The Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance would limit the retail sale of dogs and cats from pet shops in the City of Chicago to those sourced from shelters and other humane adoption centers.

The proposal—which was introduced to City Council on Feb. 5—promotes the welfare of animals, protects consumers and is intended to save tax dollars by increasing animal adoptions and decreasing costs associated with euthanization.

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mcf March 05, 2014 at 11:25 AM
It should be OUTLAWED to sell ANY PUPPY OR CAT in a Pet Store! Keep it to fish. So CRUEL!!!


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