Should Babies Be Banned From Classy Places?

The Alinea crying baby controversy has gone nationwide.

Crying babies in restaurants - weigh in. Credit: Corbis RF
Crying babies in restaurants - weigh in. Credit: Corbis RF
By Marcia Watts Sagendorph 

When a Chicago couple brought their 8-month-old baby to the very high-end restaurant Alinea, and that baby cried (as babies do), people got mad.

Other diners complained that a baby shouldn't ruin their expensive meal, that parents with young kids should stick to family restaurants, according to an article on the Huffington Post.

Alinea Chef Grant Achatz didn't mince words, tweeting to say maybe babies should be banned from his upscale restaurant going forward: "And no, in case you were wondering, Alinea — Chicago's lone restaurant boasting Michelin's coveted three-star rating — definitely does not have a kids' menu. Nor high chairs."

What do you think? Should babies be banned from nice restaurants and movie theaters? Or should parents have the option to go out whenever they want, even with kids in tow?

Tell us in the comments.
Tom Brown January 20, 2014 at 09:36 AM
OK, I'll start this one… It should be up to the proprietor of the place if they are kid friendly and/or pet friendly or not. I seek out places that don't cater to kids. 302 West in Geneva used to "welcome" kids, but had no child seats or high chairs or kid's portions or kid's drinks or kid's menus. Parents got the message after one visit.


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