Zac Ploppert: How We Can All ACTUALLY Make Geneva a Better Place

An article thats actually about Geneva

There is no doubt that Geneva is a fantastic place, but from time to time I think everyone forgets how great our town is—that is, until something reminds us.

Even I sometimes find myself being reminded of how lucky I am to have grown up here without ever realizing I need to be reminded! My reminder came Monday morning from several sources.

The first source came after logging into my Facebook account and finding I had been tagged in several pictures from over the weekend. Nervous that the pictures were from my 21st birthday over the weekend, I cautiously clicked on the notification. To my delight, the pictures were not from the inside of but rather of me and my niece.

Now, normally a picture of me and my niece would be enough to put a great big smile on my face, but this particular picture put an extra-big smile on my face. It was of me and my niece sitting in our usual spot in front of U.S. Bank watching the . My sister added the caption, “The Swedish Days tradition continues.”

Continuing the tradition of Swedish Days to the next generation of our family is something I had never really thought about, but when I do, it’s something that reminds me what Geneva is all about. We are about history as well as progress, tradition as well as trying new things. We are about the people. (When I say “we,” I mean the family that is Geneva’s citizens.)

My second reminder came this morning during one of my many daily checks of Geneva Patch. I saw that a decided to tell all of Geneva’s citizens how they can make Geneva better. After reading I realized it was simply an article about things that annoy him, and it was merely him venting through any public forum he can find.

For starters, I agree Trader Joe's is a fantastic place, but it is located in BATAVIA, so it has nothing to do with how citizens can make Geneva a better place. I also agree that people on cell phones can be annoying, but let's not forget that while the majority of us like to use Third Street as a nice place to walk and get some ice cream and relax after dinner, some people actually do business on Third Street.

And not only shop owners are doing business—Let's not forget the various professional practices that are on Third Street, including lawyers and brokers. All of these people doing business are inevitably going to need to use their cell phones, frankly, I'd rather have them walking around our downtown doing business than one of our neighboring cities.

While reading this article was very annoying for MANY reasons, it caused me to think about why it was annoying to me. This thinking was a great reminder of why Geneva is such a great place.

While I have called Geneva a great place many a time in this article, I believe there is always room for improvement. If we all want to really make Geneva a better place, let's keep doing what we are doing. Let's stay involved in our town, or get involved if you aren’t already, no matter your age.

Let's remind each other of what our great city is all about. Let's keep Geneva a great place to live in and do everything we can to make Geneva the best city in the country. 

Jeff Ward June 28, 2011 at 11:12 PM
John, You should be so lucky to have "all Jeff Ward all the time!" C'mon! Admit it. I know you have a framed picture of me hanging on your living room wall. Jeff
John Locke June 28, 2011 at 11:54 PM
Ha, I actually enjoy some of your writing, Jeff - but I think if you backed it off to once a week or so, your pearl to oyster ratio would improve.
Colin C. June 29, 2011 at 12:06 PM
Thanks for that Zak--and everyone else who has replied. I've lived in 15 towns and cities during my life (lived in, not visited) and none even begins to compair with Geneva. One of the best things about this little city is that we continually strive to improve and we succeed in those efforts more than we fail. Those who do complain about things in Geneva play a vital role in helping us see what needs improvement but the important difference here is that rather than ignoring our problems (and those who point them out) we have a tendency to work on them together, most of the time, to make real improvements. But it is a delicate balancing act and never completed. So please, everyone, take the time to become informed and participate. Geneva needs you.
John Locke September 19, 2011 at 01:22 PM
I know this article is nearly 3 months old, but I think it bears re-reading. Swedish Days is a memory, but you can start to feel autumn in the air which brings a whole new set of reasons why it's great to live in Geneva. Whether it's Friday night at Burgess field, a crisp walk, jog or bike under the tree canopy of the river path or just staying home and making a fire in the fireplace (that's still legal, I think). I try to never lose sight of how fortunate I am to be a part of this community. Sure, the Emerald Ash Borers have turned the tree outside my home into their own buffet table, and I feel like the school board may be a tad too generous with my property taxes - but these are 'first world problems'. I hope everyone in Geneva has a reason to feel fortunate and blessed on some level on this cool September morning.
Zachary Craft October 18, 2011 at 01:40 PM
Well said Mr. Locke, well said.


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