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Some red carpet moments are just too good to be true, while others make us cringe. What will it be like this year?

Going to the movies with friends is always fun, but most of us see movies in our living rooms these days. Call me old fashioned, but I still love seeing a good film in a real theater where the screen is huge and the lights are low. I'm not what one would call a movie buff—you could fill a thimble with my knowledge of the industry. However, I am a huge fan of watching the Oscars. 

This year Billy Chrystal will be back at the helm, and it's anybody's guess as to which flick will get best pick. Although my favorite, Midnight in Paris, is an unlikely winner, overall it was a wonderful year for movies. There was literally something for everybody.

And it should be a very good year for fashion as well. If the Golden Globes were any indication, the Oscar dresses will be both interesting and beautiful. 

I always take notes while viewing these award shows so I can write a fashion blog for my Facebook page. This year, for the Golden Globes, I could barely keep up as one dress after another made me ooh and ahh.

I first caught sight of Angelina Jolie as the camera panned the audience members sitting at their tables. At that moment, she had a white satin wrap around her shoulders and just a peek of the red trim of her dress was visible. I was so impressed. She looked gorgeous. Then when she came on stage with Brad, and I saw the full silhouette, I thought she looked regal and elegant, but not at all comfortable! Her dress was so tight around the middle, I'm surprised she could breathe much less speak. If you will remember, she was not smiling. 

And that's my only bugaboo about the "red carpet" look. All the dresses, with the exception of Queen Meryl Streep, of course, seemed to fit like the lace till you faint corsets of yore. It reminded me of a comment one of my audience members made at a recent presentation I gave to her women's club. She said that before she learned about proper fit, her philosophy was: "If it zips, it fits."

We all had a good laugh about that one.

If your dress, skirt or pants are too tight, not only is it unattractive, it can be downright painful. Garments should skim the body, not squeeze the life out of it. There should be no creasing across the thighs or hips, nor should your ribs be clearly defined on top. You should be able to zip your jeans without lying down on the bed.

Let's face it. Few of us have red carpet Angelina bodies. But each and every one of us can dress beautifully and comfortably if we choose the right size, enlist the help of a good tailor, and then, stand tall and proud.

Practice makes permanent. Posture makes perfect. 

Enjoy the show!


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