St. Charles: A Draw for Hollywood?

With all the celebrity sightings in St. Charles lately, could our city on the Fox River become an out-of-the-way haven for stars?

will premiere at a special midnight screening at the Charlestowne 18 Sept. 30. The film, shot mostly in the St. Charles area last year, will reach larger release in theaters this October.

The plot is based on a local urban legend. Four teens turn up missing the night before the annual , and it's up to to local cops to figure out what happened in the thriller starring Bruce Davison.

But this taste of Hollywood isn’t the only brush with fame St. Charles has experienced recently.

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Earlier this month, yukked it up at the . The legendary funnyman, known as "Mr. Warmth," was spotted dining at , the classy place to get a pie in the 1st Street Development.

Actor visited the Tri-Cities, also earlier in August, and was spotted eating lunch al fresco outside the Batavia Public Library.

Crowe will play Jor-El, Superman's father, in the big-budget blockbuster, Man of Steel, which is scheduled to be fly into theaters by 2013, according to IMDB.

On an apparent health kick, Crowe spent some time on the Fox River Trail while on break from shooting in Plano, Sugar Grove and other locations.

The trail gets high marks, according to Crowe's . The Academy Award-winning actor also deemed St. Charles "very pretty."

Go back a tick to May, when Hollywood hunk graced the Arcada stage with recording artist . While this wasn’t Marx's first time in St. Charles, this could have been the first time the star of Australia and the "X-Men" movies had set his eyes on our downtown.

The pair were filming for an episode of Public Television Rocks! The multi-talented star and Tony Award winner also hosted the 2009 Academy Awards telecast.

Just a quick trip east and you’re at Pheasant Run, home to . The humor room, affiliated with the famous Zanies chain, drew in February the likes of , whose odd brand of humor landed him a show on MTV.

Zanies also has wrangled comedic stuntman , of Jackass fame, who is scheduled to appear later this week.

(I'm sure there are plenty of other well-known people I'm not including. I remember when then-couple Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn were rumored several years ago to be looking at a home in Wayne, not too far away.)

Of course, you could say that all this evidence doesn’t mean St. Charles is necessarily a “draw” for celebrities. And maybe you’re right.

The Pride of the Fox is a far better known as the place for families—the magazine clearly thinks so.

But why can’t our ‘burb be both? We have all plenty of glitz and glamour—, , an (cough) active nightlife and some seriously excellent restaurants. Not only that, we also have all the makings of a wonderful community—, and a rich history.

I think that, maybe, even the Big Stars of the Boulevard can see the appeal of our Main Street.


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