Overflow lot??

To call a parking lot an overflow lot there is an assumption that the basic needs of parkers are met on a daily basis and that this lot is only necessary for peak events. This is not the case for Metra parkers. I got to the overflow lot at 7:20 this morning. FULL. Missed the train and had to find other parking. Where?  I looked on a previous occasion and found no legal long term parking within 3 blocks of the train. So ultimately today I parked illegally at the government center. 
If I get towed it will be very bad because my husband is traveling and I'm responsible to pick up our infant son from daycare before 6:15... No time to deal with towing. 
So can someone explain to me why Geneva built a parking stride with only one level over the ground?  How stupid and short sighted. And completely wasteful of any economy in construction. Who builds a two-story parking garage?? 
I grew up in geneva and recently returned. I heard that parking was tough but this is ridiculous. The new lot is full by 6:45 every day except holidays. The overflow lot is full by 7:45 on regular days and on snow days much earlier. 
The waiting list is 3 years long for permit parking. 

Amy Mayer December 09, 2013 at 09:25 AM
Garage not stride... Autocorrect.
genevaman December 09, 2013 at 01:14 PM
Yep, gets cold and all the 50+ bikes on the racks disappear and those people start driving and they fill up the lot. City must of done their planning during the summer. It is a bad miss by the city planning to already be out of space this quickly after the lot was built.


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