Mill Creek Children Head Back to School

Colorful balloons guide children on the first day at Mill Creek Elementary.

Mill Creek Elementary School is back in business.

The kids returned for a half day of school Wednesday, and their first full day was Thursday. The traditional lineup by grade began on the playground with the teachers holding colored balloons representing their class. Children lined up behind the balloons, greeting classmates as they awaited the first bell.

How did it feel to be back?

"I am glad to be back to school and see my friends," said fouth-grader Joshua Gearhart. 

The kids were all smiles and laughter as they walked through the playground to find their spot. Shannon Esposito welcomed her fourth-graders with a smile and handshake introducing herself to each student. First-grade teacher Cindy Hansford, hugged her new charges and her last-year's kids who made a special stop just to see her.

This year, the students will attend 175 days of school provide there are no emergency days needed.



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