Looking Good Around the Neighborhood

Reminiscent of desert sands and tropical islands, summer colors can help keep us cool, comfortable and stylish too!

I had a golf tournament on TV recently, and not being a golf enthusiast, I must admit, it can be pretty boring stuff.

But, it’s good company when I write. The scenery is always beautiful (as in Pebble Beach) and the announcers’ voices are soft and soothing.

As I paused to watch the action for a minute, I noticed one player in particular. Of course, I have no idea who he was, but I was struck by how great he looked.

It was his unique outfit: he wore well-fitted, white jeans with a navy blue shirt. Not a typical golf shirt, mind you, but rather, a crisp button front with the sleeves rolled up. Clean, simple, and very cool looking. Now that’s what I call exciting golf! I don't know how this player fared in the tournament, but in terms of style, he was hands-down the winner

I mentioned this great outfit to one of my brothers, who watches golf regularly. He is also a fashion savvy kind of guy, so I knew he would be at least mildly interested in my assessment. But he looked at me in a funny way when I said a professional golfer wore a navy shirt with white jeans.

“On the course? Seriously?” He asked in disbelief. 

Interestingly enough, guess who showed up at our next family gathering looking like a million bucks in a navy shirt and white jeans.

Sister Stylist triumphs again!

Here’s the scoop: traditional summer colors of white, tan, pale gray and navy are perfectly classic and perfectly comfortable in hot weather. Always were. Always will be. Worn in any or all combinations, they are stylish, cool and chic. On that you can depend.

Bright colors are great for summer too, but please, in moderation and not head to toe. I saw a young woman board the train at our own Stone Avenue station the other morning dressed in (are you ready?) a lime green top and lemon yellow pants. Very citrusy, don't you think? Perhaps she was planning to board a cruise ship later in the day?

If she showed up for work in that outfit, clearly she missed the boat!

Oh, and just one final summer clothing suggestion. For strictly casual wear, shorts are wonderful, but dark colors on light skinned legs do not look right. Please trust me on this one. There’s just too much contrast and legs end up resembling sticks on a chocolate covered ice cream bar. The only bodies that can wear dark green, navy, or black shorts are very dark skinned bodies. And if your legs are both light skinned and skinny, like mine, and many men I know, fahgetaboutit!

Best to stick—no pun intended—with khaki shorts. The color khaki is the great leg equalizer!

Actually, wouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone wore tan, khaki, pale grey and white everything, all the time, all summer long? Throw in a little navy here and there and voila! We would all be cool, comfortable and well dressed.

Hey. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Sue Becker July 31, 2011 at 03:23 AM
I would like to adopt you as my sister, Nancy. Meanwhile, my navy shorts will stay in the drawer - thanks for the tip.
Nancy Pipal August 04, 2011 at 12:15 PM
Hey Sue...right back atcha! With your organization skills and my eye for style, we would indeed make a great sister act! Thanks for the comment.
Matthew Hendrickson August 04, 2011 at 05:40 PM
Thanks for the comment, Sue! I've been thinking I might need to send my legs to the beach for a few days too. If only they could go and I could stay here typing!


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