Letter to the Editor: 'There He Goes Again ...' Burns Says Lauzen Still Playing With Numbers

Mayor says grants for parking structure, master plan account for 2011-12 increase in city of Geneva budget.

To the Editor:

There he goes again …

From Chris Lauzen’s statement as reported in the Nov. 4 Daily Herald and , “… the numbers in Geneva’s own budget say all that must be said. Page 13 ofthe 2011-12 budget shows a 7.4 percent increase from the 2010-11 budget. Frankly, this could not be more clear.”

Actually, Mr. Lauzen, the budget numbers are clear; if only you were able to understand how municipal budgets are developed and reported. Please accept the following facts as a courtesy to you and those who have tried to mislead:

Fact: Page 13 of the City of Geneva’s 2011-12 Budget is one of 288 pages of details—where every dollar comes from and where every dollar is spent and invested. Rendering opinions—and passing said opinions off as truth—based on reading one page of a 288 page budget is like writing a book report by only reading the book's jacket.

Fact: A municipal budget is the totality of many separate budgets—in Geneva’s case; General Fund, General Capital Projects Fund, Infrastructure Capital Projects Fund, Electric Capital Fund, Water & Waste Water Capital Fund and a variety of miscellaneous budgets.

Fact: Grants received by the city of Geneva for specific capital improvements such as a grant for the third level to the Commuter Parking Structure, monies for dedicated infrastructure improvements and grants from Kane County to support Geneva’s Downtown Master Plan, Southeast Study Area, Housing Task Force, etc. —these grants account for the 7.4 percent increase inthe city’s 2011-12 Budget.

These monies were not the result of tax increases. The truth is, generally accepted accounting principles require the city of Geneva—and all cities' budgets—to show these grants as income.

I’m disappointed Mr. Lauzen doesn’t understand, or chooses to ignore, this simple and transparent accounting standard. Now that I’ve clarified this issue, it’s time to move on and discuss the future of Kane County.

Kevin Burns
mayor of Geneva
Republican candidate for Kane County Board chair 


Editor's note: Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns is facing state Sen. Chris Lauzen in the race for the Republican nomination for Kane County Board chairman. Former Carpentersville Village President Bill Sarto and former St. Charles Mayor Sue Klinkhamer are seeking the Democratic nomination.

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Karen Phillips November 11, 2011 at 02:43 PM
Please Matt. It is Veterans Day. No one has smeared you. You were asked a simple question and you gave a convenient answer, not mentioning your past involvement. No one made you out to be anything. Please move on to some more important matters. I am going to remember the veterans in my family and thank as many who are serving as I can. That would also include Senator Lauzen's two sons serving, one in Afghanistan. If the Burns or Klinkhamer families have veterans thank you for your service. A country is grateful for your service.
MattG November 11, 2011 at 03:58 PM
Karen, you did indeed on your Twitter account. Here and I thought we agreed last week to stop that. That's what you said. I guess I was dumb to take you at your word.
Sandy Kaczmarski November 12, 2011 at 03:21 AM
Maybe you two kids can take this somewhere else and stop taking up so much space here with your bickering on the blog. Give somebody else a chance to make a relevant comment.
Karen Phillips November 13, 2011 at 11:26 PM
Sandy, despite your insult I still respect your quote about the Chairman's use of public funds on November 5, 2008. “The other disappointing thing is taxpayers are going to continue to be at the mercy of people who use taxpayers money as their own personal bank account,” Kaczmarski said. "The people of Kane County lost today.” That is saying what you mean.
Howard Anderson November 17, 2011 at 06:33 AM
Well I was able to spend some time with Senator Lauzen, I must say from my interactions with him I'm most impressed. While I'm sure I'll get grief from others on here for saying that, I think I had to. I have previous managed my share of people and I think I have the same basic philosophy as the senator. While talking with him, he gave me the impression that he realizes that, he doesn't know everything. He seems smart enough to know that there are people that are far more knowledgeable than he is and his job is to find those people and enlist their help. I am not saying mayor Burns is not the same way. I guess what I am saying is best put as an analogy. If you were to have brain surgery who would you want to perform it? The hospital director or the brain surgeon? It's the hospital directors job to enlist the best they can find to do the surgery. In the case of the board chairman I feel that Senator Lauzen is more than capable and so far is my front runner.


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