Hey, Mom and Dad: When Are Kids Too Old To Go Trick-Or-Treating?

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Amid clusters of impossibly cute costumed kids on Halloween night, you get other trick-or-treaters who don't seem to fit in. Maybe it's that they are older than the rest, or show up in plain clothes with not even a face mask in sight. But is that a deal-breaker, or is everyone welcome to claim candy on your porch on Halloween?

That leads us to this week's question:

When should kids stop with the trick-or-treating?

Take a look at what people had to say and join the conversation in the comments section.

Megan Murphy Miller: We expect kids grow up way too fast nowdays. I find nothing wrong with older kids who come to my house to trick or treat as long as they are polite. I would much rather have that than kids finding other ways to have fun on Halloween. They are only young once, let them enjoy it! — Batavia Patch Facebook

Susan Smentek: Anyone in a costume is welcome. Teenagers and parents, too (but we keep a bucket of cheaper stuff like smarties for the no costume crowd. ) What I don't like are the parents from other towns who pull up with van loads of kids to dropoff in our neighborhood. That happens a lot. We prefer to see friends and neighbors. — Elmhurst Patch Facebook

Jennifer Brown Cortez: The deal in my house is they can go but must wear a costume. My oldest stopped after 9th grade. Youngest is freshman and will likely go this year . If they dress up, who cares? I enjoy (most) of the teenagers at my door on Halloween night! — Geneva Patch Facebook

Colleen Arnold: I say thru 8th grade. But, I really don't mind the older ones as long as they are polite. I'd rather get rid of the candy then add to the buckets of candy my kids will bring home. — Glen Ellyn Patch Facebook

Cheryl Turek: Since this age group tends to come out after7pm when our trick or treat ends, I don't open the door. Also the age is usually printed in the local paper cutting off at 12 years old. — Lisle Patch Facebook

Jennifer Kozel: If they are dressed up and they do not cause any issues then they are still welcome at my house!!! — Naperville Patch Facebook

John Ceinski: 16? — St. Charles Patch Facebook

Tracy Dietrich Colangelo: I make the teens say trick or treat, with or without costume. I get a kick out of it! LOL — Wheaton Patch Facebook

So what's your take? Is there an certain age when kids become too old for trick-or-treating? Tell us in the comments below.

Rick Nagel October 16, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Our oldest stopped in middle school. Our youngest is in high school and still loves to dress up and go out, although she's on the fence this year. As long as they are polite and have fun, I don't think there should be a prescribed age limit.
Kelli Trejo October 16, 2012 at 04:04 PM
I totally agree! Trick or Treating was a blast and there's no reason to stop as early as they do. We leave our light on until the candy's gone - however late that may be. We love seeing all of the neighborhood kids outisde running around and having fun together - teenagers included - and remembering our own childhoods. There's so much happiness and excitement in the day!
Martin October 16, 2012 at 07:32 PM
As long as the kids dress, I'll give candy to them. Its the mobs of teenager (and pre-teens) with no costume that kill the fun for everyone else. And what's with the starting at 4pm? Or earlier.... I understand the safety nuts wanting the kids home before dark, but most of the heighborhood isn't home yet.
Simeren Silverstein October 17, 2012 at 02:25 PM
I love having trick or treaters in costume- at any age! I think the "official" time should be extended from 7:30 to 9. Lots of kids' parents are barely home in time to take their kids out and the younger ones certainly shouldn't be going out alone! I also love that there is a gentleman on my street that buys candy for the kids as well as soda and water for the parents every year :)
Diane E. Emich October 17, 2012 at 06:19 PM
I love the trick or treaters of all ages. I think if you dress up in a costume and you are polite, you get candy. I feel kind of sorry for some of the taller kids who are still young. They don't get the extra handful like the little cuties. A five or six foot middle school kid gets less candy and some interesting looks from those thinking they are too old. How can you tell with the costumes? Who cares? Let them dress up and come to my door for candy b/c it sure beats smashing pumpkins and other mischief. On the other hand, if the kid is wearing the "sexy" this or that costume...they are too old! </;-)


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