UPDATE: Geneva Is Illinois' Best Place to Raise Kids in 2013

Bloomberg teams up with Businessweek to select "America's Best Place to Raise Kids in 2013."

Geneva has been selected by Bloomberg and Businessweek as the best place to raise kids in 2013 in Illinois.

This is the seventh year Bloomberg has evaluated the best small towns to raise kids. Geneva was selected from more than 3,200 places nationwide with populations between 5,000 and 50,000.

According to the article on businessweek.com, public school performance and public safety were weighed most heavily. The organization also looks at median income and county-level unemployment, housing costs, commute time, poverty, adults’ educational attainment and share of households with children.

“Geneva is a wonderful place to live, and we are very pleased that Geneva has received this much-deserved recognition,” said Superintendent Dr. Kent Mutchler.  “We are fortunate to have such strong intergovernmental partnerships in Geneva, and this collaborative effort reflects very well on all those who live and work here.”

“We believe our schools reflect the community well, and the success of our students demonstrates the quality work of our excellent staff and the strong support of our parents and community,” Dr. Mutchler added.

"We're honored that Bloomberg and Business Week have endorsed what we who call Geneva home, have known all along — our community is indeed special," said Geneva Mayor Kevin R. Burns.

From the article, it appears the organization was seeking not so much a rural "Mayberry" environment, but a town with some sophistication, diversity and proximity to cultural centers—i.e. suburbs.

According to the article, No. 1 on the list was Solon, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.

In 2011, neighboring St. Charles was named No. 1 on Family Circle magazine's list of top towns to raise a family.


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Colin C. December 19, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Good point Mike. As I have mentioned several times here, we lived for 25 years in a town very much like Geneva in population, county seat, near a big city, all the potential. However its citizens and government were not engaged in the kind of planning, development, and forward thinking that we saw in Geneva over the last fifty years or so. By the time we left there were security guards in the schools, the downtown was virtually boarded up, and property values were devastated. Developers and absentee landlords had pretty much ruined the town for their own, short term profit. Some years ago there was a movie called "Pleasantville", At a GHS class reunion that yearvone former resident remarked that they had all grown up in their own Pleasantville, no irony intended. She was right. We can't tell you how happy we are to be back in Pleasantvill, IL. Do we have problems? Conflicts? Of course. Is it all perfect? Of course not. But for the most part the people of Geneva work together, even if they are at odds, to do what is best for the town. So far we have been pretty successful.
John R December 19, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Schools, schools, schools Be very careful with D304. It is a very valuable community asset. Families have, do and will continue to move to our community because of our school's. I concur with Mike and Colin community involvement is key. Regardless of where you sit on any one issue it's important that you speak up or get involved in one capacity or another. Our local political leaders need to hear from the general public. This is great news for Geneva. Congratulations to everyone for all their hard work and committment. Congrats to the Mayor, the Alderman, school administrators, school board, teachers and expecially the taxpayers. We are the ones that foot the bill. John Rice
Beth Wheeler December 21, 2012 at 11:41 PM
Yay, Geneva! A big thank you to our schools, our city workers, our park district, our local businesses, and our many community volunteers for making this such a great place to live.
David December 24, 2012 at 04:00 PM
The GEA no doubt will say it is because of our hardworking teachers that make our town a nice place to live. So lets give them all another raise.
Carrie April 06, 2013 at 09:19 AM
Are same sex couples with children welcome in Geneva?


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