Cool Tips for Hot Headed Style

Hair care is another one of those pesky little issues that always pops up this time of year. That darn humidity!

I love the look of a modern, side-swept bang across one's forehead. But, lately I have seen this universally flattering hairstyle morph into a crazy, frizzy fringe or even worse, a limp "plastered against the skin" oil slick. Not so attractive.  

Two things can help. 

First and foremost, you need a really good haircut by a really good stylist.  Lucky for us, top-notch hair salons abound here in La Grange and in our neighboring Hinsdale and Western Springs.  No need to go downtown for a great haircut.  Not anymore!  

Second, we need to switch to some different hair products that are specifically formulated to combat the unfortunate tendency toward limp or frizzy during the summer months.

You have probably noticed that a change in shampoo once in while helps to keep a bad hair day from becoming a bad hair week.  Very true.  And in hot weather, it’s even truer.  It’s a best practice rule of thumb that color treated hair needs to be shampooed every other day at most with just a clear water rinse in between. Because of this hair's tendency toward dry and dull, we need some kinder, gentler products when we do shampoo. 

The sun also does a number on our hair. It’s very drying and often wreaks havoc with the color! One of my clients has some beautiful highlights in her hair that have turned bright orange from just walking to and from the train in the sun! Oops. Not good.

So, with that in mind, once again, I must caution you on the decision to use drug store brand products.  Rarely do they perform up to expectations for those of us who, at one time in our lives, were loyal fans of Breck, Aqua Net and Sun In. You know who you are. 

Instead, I recommend some higher-end brands like Kerastase.  My stylist suggested I try it because I color my hair on a regular basis and because I don't have much natural body in it. Translation: I have fine, thin, limp hair.  

What a great line of products!  I am particularly pleased with Kerastase Reflection Chroma Sensitive Caressing Cleansing Balm. Quite a mouthful, yes?  Better write it down.  It’s a shampoo and conditioner in one, which makes it a super time saver and a perfect pick for summer.

I use it every other time I shampoo and it's fabulous.  My color stays truer and richer longer, and the texture is soft and shiny without that heavy ‘weighted down’ feeling.  On alternate shampoo days, I use Fekkai Advanced Full Blown Volume, and I add a dollop of Fekkai conditioner Ageless Creme Luxe Hair Treatment.  

You can buy Kerastase products at my favorite hair place, on Hillgrove Avenue here in La Grange and at their second and new location in Burr Ridge.  They have some fun little sample packets of Kerastase  products that you can try before you buy. I really like that idea. 

And you will see Frederic Fekkai products at most department stores.

So, have I completely eliminated bad hair days? Ah, no. Has anyone?

But, I can tell you this, I am fighting the good fight and as long as there is breath in me, I will continue to do so. 

Amen, Sister.

Laurie Kapugi July 14, 2011 at 06:47 PM
Great column, Nancy, I learned not too long ago, that the product makes all the difference in the world. For those of us who have hair that expands just at the word humidity, yes I go from slick and straight to Bozo the Clown meets 80's hair in just a matter of seconds in humid weather, I highly recommend Moroccan Oil. I call this stuff, "Miracle in a bottle!" Just a little dab really helps control the frizz. They even have a new 'light' version for fine hair. To put a little extra shine in your hair they have a Glimmer Shine Spray. The entire product line is fabulous and smells even better. I pick mine up at 46 South Salon, 46 S. La Grange Rd.
Nancy Pipal July 15, 2011 at 05:30 PM
Your hair looks beautiful in your photo, Laurie, so I will definitely try any recommendation you have for products. I am particularly interested in the Glimmer Shine Spray. I love the idea of a light spray rather than a product one must put in their hands and run through their hair. Faster and easier is always a plus for summer! Thanks so much for your thoughtful suggestions.
R. Hof July 15, 2011 at 07:29 PM
Fekaii great curly hair products!!!! Also look into a product line called WEN Fantastic! This curly girl has used for years and my hair is awesome
Nancy Pipal July 15, 2011 at 07:43 PM
Thanks, Randi. Is Wen an infomercial hair product line? Seems to me I did see it advertised as such on TV.


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