Colonial's Ice Cream Poll Puts Cherry on Top for Romney

I scream, you scream, 51 percent scream for Mitt’s Mint Fudge over the Ba-racky Road Sundae in Week 2 of the restaurant's poll.

The results of a new poll of Fox Valley residents either has Mitt Romney with a cool lead or President Barack Obama chillingly behind, depending on which is your favorite.

It’s the results of Week 2 of Colonial Café & Ice Cream’s Straw Polls, a non-scientific, all in fun look at the presidential race, Romney received a boost in the traditionally Republican Fox Valley from the Oct. 7 debate.

While Monday’s national Gallup polls show Romney gaining ground — the two now are statistically in a dead heat at 47 percent each — Colonial’s Straw Poll shows Romney pulling ahead to a 51 percent lead in the Fox Valley, compared with Obama’s 41 percent, although the informal poll results vary significantly from community to community, according to Colonial Café.

Here’s how the Colonial Café poll breaks down by community for Week 2, which ended Oct. 7: 

  • St. Charles-West: 51 percent Obama, 41 percent Romney, 7 percent undecided 
  • St. Charles-East: 25 percent Obama, 70 percent Romney, 5 percent undecided 
  • Aurora: 37 percent Obama, 59 percent Romney, 5 percent undecided 
  • Elgin: 48 percent Obama, 48 percent Romney, 4 percent undecided 
  • Naperville: 48 percent Obama, 48 percent Romney, 3 percent undecided 
  • Crystal Lake: 36 percent Obama, 50 percent Romney, 13 percent undecided 
  • Algonquin: 63 percent Obama, 30 percent Romney, 7 percent undecided. 

Colonial Cafe’s first week of straw polling, which ended Sept. 30, saw the 15.9 percent were undecided. Week 2 polling, which ended Oct. 7, shows that reduced to just 8.15 percent. 

Colonial Cafe & Ice Cream has conducted its Presidential Sundaes Election Straw Poll for the last 48 years.

Voting in this year’s poll began Monday, Sept. 24 at all seven Colonial Cafe locations — Algonquin, Aurora, Crystal Lake, Elgin, Naperville and at two stores in St. Charles. 

Each Colonial Cafe encourages those ordering ice cream to cast a vote by oredering one of the Presidential Sundaes:

  • The Ba-racky Road Sundae: Chocolate chip and chocolate ice cream topped with hot fudge, marshmallow, chopped almonds, whipped cream, a cherry and an American flag.
  • Mitt’s Mint Fudge: Mint chocolate chip and chocolate ice cream topped with crumbled Oreo®, hot fudge, whipped cream, a whole Oreo®, a cherry and an American flag. 

Tallies are reported weekly through Election Day, which is Tuesday, Nov. 6, for voting at each Café and for the company as a whole, reflecting the views of the communities and the Fox Valley. Weekly reports compare local voting to national polls and cite variations in Democratic vs. Republican leanings. 

Tally sheets are posted in every Colonial Cafe and are made available to local and national media.

SOURCE: Colonial Café

Brandt Hardin October 10, 2012 at 09:27 PM
The dynamic duo of Romney and Ryan would drive the entire economy into a nose dive as long as it benefits the richest Americans. Income inequality is endangering the Middle Class and making paupers of us all who don’t have those millions upon millions of dollars. Read more about the role of Romney’s riches in this election and the power of his sacred undergarments at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/05/mitt-romneys-magic-mormon-underwear.html The working class of our country can’t AFFORD to allow this election to be bought and sold!
Max October 11, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Unusual comment for a Geneva Patch. We are used to a bit more thoughtfulness and a lot less blind servitude to the Progressive line. Heading to New Zealand with the rest, if your boy loses?


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