Anybody Lose an iPod?

Nice note on a tree says you can pick it up at the Geneva Police Department, if you can describe it accurately.

It's been a long time since I've written anything, so I should remind everyone that my name is AJ Nagel, and I'm a dog.

I used to write occasionally for "The Patch," as you humans sometimes call it, but I've been so dang busy lately (begging for treats, licking myself, chasing squirrels ... did I mention begging for treats?) that I haven't found time to put paw to keyboard.

But this very morning, we're out for the usual walk, and I spot this note on a tree.

I am very fond of trees, as most dogs are, so I was curious why anyone would tack a note to one, and what the note might say. (I mean, I've marked my share of trees, but never in cursive.)

Anyway, the tree in question is at the intersection of Sixth and Locust in Geneva, over by Good Templar Park on the East Side.

The note, as you can plainly see, says, "iPod found here on 2/5. Call to describe. Geneva PD, 630-232-4736."

My immediate thought is that one of my humans might have lost an iPod. (Sure, it's always great fun horsing around until somebody loses an iPod!) And if that's the case, there will be heck to pay when I get home and those kids wake up. (Today is one of those teacher institute days, did I mention that?)

But assuming it's not an iPod belonging to one of the Nagel clan, my next thought is, "How nice is that?"

Someone either found the iPod, turned it in to the Geneva police station and left a note, or the Geneva Police Department left a note. In any case, it's one of those random acts of kindness that is worthy of, you know, ... note.

That's all I've got to say. Gotta run. Busy Day.

I'm heading over to DePaw University Canine Campus a little later today. Then there's begging for treats, napping, licking myself, barking at the neighbor's dog, chasing squirrels ... Did I mention begging for treats?


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