IHSA Should Call Technical Foul on Officiating Crew at Geneva vs. Montini Girls Basketball Game

IHSA should call Technical Foul on Officials ...

I am writing this blog after watching the most disgusting display of poor officiating that I have ever seen. It happened at the Montini vs. Geneva girl's basketball game last night, and left fans wondering why there is no consistency in officiating games. The game itself was a great game. The athletes and coaches played a great performance and fought to the end. The officals embarassed the game, the sport, and the IHSA.

This is not a rant about losing a game that could have been won. Geneva had every opportunity to win the game without the interference of the referees and could have done so. They own their loss and the reasons for it.

However, the lack of consistency in officiating was miserable, and the refusal of the refs to make obvious calls of fouls against the home team late in the game left a stench of blatant homerism and biased officiating. It took place all game ... but the final "non-call" with 12.5 seconds remaining caused all fans — even Montini fans — to boo and protest.

To describe the moment: Geneva had come back from a 11+ point deficit and was within 1 point and was in the bonus if a foul were to take place. They had a play set up and it was developing perfectly, requiring Montini make desperate defensive moves that involved shoving, tackling, and holding a Geneva player — tossing her out of bounds — and the refs did not call any foul. The stands erupted — on both sides — in disbelief. Shouts filled the gym and both sides witnessed blatant homerism. Had the foul been called, Geneva would have its rightful chance to shoot free throws, and possibly beat Montini, a team that prides itself on rankings and recruiting efforts. By not making the call, the ref handed Montini a game that should have been earned — but now goes down in the stenches of homer officiating. This diminishes the play of Montini as much as it diminishes the play of Geneva, and the IHSA needs to step in, review the game, and call a technical foul on the entire officiating crew! Blatant homerism is cheap — it diminishes the game and the players — and it exposes the pressures on certain schools that need to recruit student athletes.

I call it like I see it — it was so blatant that the Montini team should take no pride in the shameful way that the game ended, and the refs should apologize to all fans of the sport.

There needs to be accountability to fans and athletes who play the games, to provide a quality officiating crew on the court and field at all times. What took place at Montini was an embarrassment to all sports fans, athletes, and to the IHSA. It was blatant ... it was favoritism... and it was wrong.

Win or lose, the athletes who put in their health and reputation on the line and dedicate their time ... should be allowed to get a fair game and neutral officiating. Montini, and the officiating crew at last night's game, should be entirely embarrassed and should publicly apologize for their less-than-rec-league officiating performance. And they should refund the $5 per person charged to see such a display of homerism.

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btown95 December 12, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Seriously? complaining about officiating of a high school game? I've been to hundreds of high school games and the behavior in the stands is often times embarrassing.
tjp712 December 12, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Daddy's precious daughter lost, so I need to go on the internet and blame the ref's for cheating us out of a win. Really There are 2 versions of the game that took place, the science fiction version you wrote, and the truth. Maybe you would enjoy the game more if you took off your rose colored glasses. Better yet, since you seem to be such an expert on officiating, contact the IHSA, take the referee's test, and get your a** out on the floor and start calling games yourself. Then you could make sure that your kid's team always wins. You seem to be an expert on homer-ism. Could that be due to the fact it is a common occurence when games are played at your gym? Probably Montini does not select the officials to do the games, it is done by an independent scheduler, not associated with the school. Whoever they assign to the game is who works. Maybe that doesn't happen at your school. The person who should be apologizing is you, for saying the Montini basketball team, or the school itself, had anything to do with cheating your little Suzi's team out of a win. These ref's have years and years experience in the game, and called the game based on that experience. It seems like you have years and years experience in complaining from the stands. Stop embarrassing your school and your kid It's crybaby parents like you that are the problem with today's youth sports. At least the players from Geneva acted with class and respect for the game and their opponent.
Political PR Machine December 13, 2012 at 01:05 PM
Anyone not there will publish their opinions based on inuendo and preference without basis for fact. And there is no problem with youth sport or parents in youth sport - it is something that builds a community, provides character to kids and parents, and is used globally to foster ideas of fairness, fair competition- regardless of race/religion/gender and has the ultimate display at the Olympics, where countires display the best of the best, in fair competition, to display their talents. When fair competition is overruled either by incompetence or homerism, any fan has a right (inalienable, by the way) to speak out. Even parents who have kids who want fair play (student athletes). I saw it - I spoke out, and I stand behind the blog. And, as stated in the writing, I was not complaining about the loss. The best team on the day should always win, regardless of whether home team or visitor - that is how athletes and parents of athletes want it. We just do not endorse unfair play or a team being disadvantaged by the officials, and using a whistle and a striped shirt to do anything more than officiate by the rules of play is wrong. The rules of play should be administered equally throughout the game for both teams. Let the best teams win. If you have a problem with that, then we just agree to disagree.
Political PR Machine December 13, 2012 at 01:08 PM
There are more than two versions of reality - and your assumption that there is my reality and then the true reality is an assumption - we all know about the problems using assumptions. Thefact is , the only reference made aout Montini was that they actively recruit players and there are pressures that go along with that - that is a fact and if you read into it further, that is on you, not me. As for the officiating - as I stated above - it really stunk, and at the end of the game, the non-call was either blatant or incompetent- it was easy to see and anyone who saw the game knows it. That is why the entire arena errupted in a loud chorus that was not cheers or applauding the refs. There should be no apology needed for asking for fair officiating - and I continue to applaud the Montini girls team for their efforts as well as Geneva's.
btown95 December 13, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Officiating is the human element to the game, therefore it's not going to always go in your favor. Sometimes you have to overcome bad officiating, that's just the way it is. Suck it up and move on, there is a lot of season left.


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