Financial Help for Single Mothers - Where It Can Be Found

Unlike the food stamps that people who were struggling financially used years ago, today single moms can apply for and receive a food stamp card.

Being a single parent can be rewarding and hard at the same time. Today, with a struggling economy, being a single mom is even harder than it was a decade ago. That is why it is important to know what types of financial help for single mothers are available.

Food Stamps

Unlike the food stamps that people who were struggling financially used years ago, today single moms can apply for and receive a food stamp card. This works just like a debit card which makes asking for and receiving help a little less embarrassing. No one but you and the cashier will know that you are using assistance to purchase your food.


WIC, or the Women Infant and Children program, provide monetary assistance for breastfeeding women, infants, and children in the form of pre-written checks. These checks are for specific food use such as infant formula, dairy products, and other pre-approved nutritional items. To be eligible for the program women must apply through their local department of social services.


Medicaid is medical insurance that is made available to low-income families. This source of financial help for single moms is of great benefit as it can help single mothers save thousands of dollars on medical bills. To qualify for Medicaid the single mother must meet specific financial criteria. If these guidelines are met then Medicaid will be awarded so that the mother may seek out medical care for her children at a reduced cost. Filing for Medicaid can be done at the local department of social services.

Utility Assistance

Electric and water are two very important utilities that seem to cost the most to keep on each month. Electricity alone can run the average household as much as $150 a month. Water may not cost as much but it can still cost. If a single mother is lucky enough to not have to worry about paying for water because of a personal well, the electric bill is still a worry. This is why many electric companies now provide financial assistance to low-income families who qualify based on a set of strict monetary standards. To find out if there is a program that will benefit your family simply contact your electric company.

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Alley December 30, 2012 at 06:46 PM
I am a single mom trying to raise a high school senior and a 6th grader in naperville. I was able to lock in while the housinv market was low to purchase a 3 bedroom duplex however after being in here my finances have headed far south. The ex lost his job and is not contributing financially, thankfully I am employed full-time however the employer is changing our pay period to every other week from 2x a mnth which means thd monthly take home will be lower. I am running out of options. I have no savings. There are repairs that are needed on the home. The state denied me for food assistance, medical and i do not need childcare. Apparently on paper i make too much ($40,000) however by the time i oay the mortgage the water and electric i am lucky to gave money for food, plus the creditors want their money. I do not want to lose the house and need help. Where do I go? Desperate! If anyone has information or sources please contact me at akm101@sbcglobal.net. Please mark the subject line as "help for single mom"
Nicole mcqueary March 27, 2013 at 02:05 PM
I am a single mom of an 8 month old and four months pregnant my father who was helping passed away suddenly I am now about to be homeless and have no one to turn too every thing I apply for I do not qualify for if any body can help me please email me at lmfao7812@yahoo.com
stephanie mckinley May 24, 2013 at 07:18 PM
My name is Stephanie , I had just turned 18 on march 1st 2013 , as soon as I turned 18 both of my parents were slowly giving up on me & my 1 yr old daughter , knowing that it is difficult for me to find a job at 6 months pregnant with no car & no money for train or bus. They both completely gave up on me , none of my friends are helping me , none of my family is helping me, my mom said I have untilthe end of the month to get out of this apartment or I will be evicted . I have nowhere to go , I honestly don't know what me & my daughter are gonna do . I really need help really fast or me & my daughter will be homeless . If someone can pleeeease help me stephaniemckinley@rocketmail.com


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