Winter's Here: Homeowners Keep Heat They Pay for with Pro Energy Consultants' state-of-the-art Energy Audit

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Study Shows Most Americans Want Energy Efficiency ProEnergy Consultants’ Energy Audit helps homeowners save money, go “green”  ( CHICAGO , IL ) ProEnergy Consultants is optimistic about the state of America ’s energy outlook in the wake of the Shelton Group’s 7th annual Energy Pulse survey released this month. Findings indicate that there are good strides in understanding how America uses energy, and how each homeowner can use less of it. When it comes to lowering energy costs and improving efficiency, ProEnergy Consultants’ Energy Audit is a key component in a homeowner’s improvement toolbox. Jerry Needham, owner of ProEnergy Consultants of Fox Valley says, “We can show people exactly where their house is draining them and what to do about it.”  Phone consultations with ProEnergy Consultants are free. The Energy Pulse study had some the good news: 

* More people seem to be aware of home energy efficiency issues, with 23% rating their home as ‘inefficient’ – up significantly from 14% last year.

*Americans are more aware than in previous years that their homes need energy efficient improvements.

* 53% would choose to make their homes more energy efficient  AND more comfortable. 

Not all of the survey results were positive.  Overall, activity still lags and consumers continue to prioritize things in a way that is not best for their budget and the environment.  Needham urges homeowners to “ditch the space heaters” this winter.  These problems are exactly what ProEnergy Consultants’ Energy Audit is designed to overcome. The Energy Pulse study revealed that most homeowners think they need to replace their hot water heater or install a new, high efficiency HVAC (heating and air conditioning unit).  According to ProEnergy’s experts, this demonstrates how most homeowners are still “guessing” at their home improvements because these are not the top energy improvements most homes need first.   The energy experts of ProEnergy Consultants of Fox Valley frequently visit homes where owners have incorrectly diagnosed the energy problems, spent thousands of dollars on upgrades, and don’t achieve the hoped for results.  ProEnergy Consultants’ Energy Audit uses state-of-the-art thermographic technology to pinpoint specific concerns, then offers economic and ecologically sound solutions designed to address energy issues with the highest efficiency.  For more information please visit geneva.ProEnergyConsultants.com or call Jerry Needham at 630.770.4994 or email jneedham@proenergyconsultants.com.


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