PATCH VIDEO: Mayor Delivers Nick's Homecoming Dance Proposal ... Ally Says 'Yes!'

Kevin Burns delivers his most memorable proxy vote.

Mayor Kevin Burns played the role of Cyrano sans the big nose Monday night.

The mayor used his bully pulpit powers to invite Ally Serra to the Homecoming dance on behalf of junior Nick Konicek. He did it at the start of Monday's Committee of the Whole meeting, right there on Channel 10 for all the Comcast cable audience to see.

Even if you're not a fan of how big a deal these high school dance proposals have become (), you have to admit this one was pretty cool.

Burns read the proposal as a city proclamation, complete with all the Whereas's and Therefores.

"Having been officially and respectfully called to duty by Geneva High School junior Nick Konicek ... I therefore proudly, and with appropriate reverence owed to such an honor, on behalf of Nick Konicek hereby ask Ally Serra to the Homecoming dance and make Nick Konicek the happiest GHS junior."

And, if Ally says yes ...

"I, Mayor Kevin Burns will affix my signature herewith and cause the great seal of the city of Geneva to also be affixed."

There were some technical difficulties in getting through to the happy couple via cell phone, but the good new is that Ally said, "Yes."

You can see part of the proposal proclamation here on video.

"Please join me," the mayor says, "in wishing Nick and Ally a fun, beautiful and safe 2011 Geneva High School Homecoming celebration."


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