Geneva High School Students of the Month—September 2012

The month of September brings nine wonderful students of the month at Geneva High School

It seems like the school year just started, but already Geneva High School is presenting its Students of the Month for September 2012. Here are nine wonderful students nominated by nine wonderful teachers for the ninth month of the year.


Melanie Morello, Grade 12
Nominated by Tim Pease

It is my great pleasure to nominate Melanie Morello as our Physical Education student of the month. Melanie is my P.E. leader for my junior lifetime fitness class, and LEAD is what she does. From day one to yesterday, she has had her fingerprints all over everything we have done. She is high energy and her enthusiasm to be active is contagious to all those around her. With encouragement and a smile, Melanie has developed a strong rapport with all 40 juniors in class. She has earned their respect and trust, and they know she cares about them all. Whether it has been collecting locker data, organizing a tennis tournament or preparing a fitness day activity, Melanie has approached it all with vigor and enthusiasm. I look forward to Melanie's leadership, motivational tactics and overall positive attitude as we move through the semester.


Courtney Phelan, Grade 12
Nominated by Martha Behlow

I have nominated Courtney Phelan as student of the month in French because of the enthusiasm and energy she brings to the class.  Courtney is eager to participate in class discussions, is able to make insightful connections with other classes as well as prior learning in our class, and often poses really interesting questions.  It is Courtney's intellectual curiosity, coupled with her intellect and outgoing personality, which make her such a wonderful addition to a classroom.  Her participation and willingness to stretch herself, make her a great example for other students.  Courtney accompanied me on our latest student trip to Europe in June of 2012 and she displayed these same qualities as a traveler -- curious, respectful, flexible and “exuberant”.


Kelsey Oswald, Grade 12
Nominated by Kevin Gannon

Kelsey Oswald is an AP Biology student in my class this year. I am pleased to recognize Kelsey with this student of the month award for a number of reasons.  First Kelsey is a strong and capable student. Weather it is in lab reports, on homework assignment or exams Kelsey clearly illustrates she knows biology and can use what she knows effectively to solve problems.  Her lab reports typically show insights that are uncommon among her peers, her homework assignments are completed accurately and thoroughly and Kelsey’s exam scores are exemplary. Kelsey’s work ethic and preparation for class exceed my expectations. She is the type of conscientious student that checks and edits her work before she considers it done and ready to hand in.  I believe the reason for this is that Kelsey has made the leap of understanding that she is doing the work for her own learning and to her own standards and not for or to mine.  Finally Kelsey has a pleasant and unassuming personality that makes her a wonderful student to have in the classroom. She smiles patiently at my lame attempts at humor and she interacts with her classmates in a friendly way. For these reasons it is my honor to have Kelsey in my classroom and I am happy to nominate her for the Science Department’s September 2012 student of the month.


Brooke Snow, Grade 12
Nominated by Jen O’Leary

Leader, learner, friend, personable, team player, problem-solver, “speechie” and willing to try anything are all terms that can be used to describe Brooke Snow.  Brooke lets nothing stand in her way when it comes to learning and the things she likes to do.  She is constantly working to improve whatever skills she might need to try something new (she can be a bit of dare- devil).  Brooke has plans to enter an engineering related field, has a good time talking in front of a crowd, as part of the GHS Speech Team, or working her way to being a valuable member of the GHS Girls Ultimate Frisbee Team that happen to be the State Champions.  This Industrial Technology student of the month also has an amazing sense of humor, a laid back personality and a unique perspective on different situations that may pop up making her a teacher’s dream to have in class!


Laura Gonzalez, Grade 12
Nominated by Al Ochsner

I would like to nominate Laura Gonzalez for my student of the month.  Not only is Laura a bright and positive force in my class, I am impressed with her Graphic Design skills. Plus she laughs at my jokes.  But what made me think to nominate her is that I was really impressed with her courage.  At the beginning of the year, when students are adjusting and taking in all the newness of it all, she gave me an example of her design ability. Laura has certain methodologies set in place to help her in her high school educational experience, the details of which were explained in a brochure she designed. After class one day, she presented and explained the content of this brochure. I believe it was done in Microsoft WORD. This program is not overly strong in its design versatility and she did a wonderful job with the layout and content. Imagine, being a high school student, and having to give a Graphic Design instructor (whom you've just met) an example of your design and visual communication skills during the first week of school. She did so without hesitation. Laura was shy about her abilities, but brave enough to follow through and introduce herself and her work.  I believe this is an excellent example of the type of young adult she is. I know she is hoping to pursue a future in design and immediately recognized not just her ability and eye, but her confidence and character. I believe Laura to have what it takes to succeed in the arts. I know she will take the information from my curriculum and use it to skillfully expand upon it in ways only she can imagine. It is a joy to see this kind of student in my class; talented, interested and involved.

Leah Thompson, Grade 11
Nominated by Jason Santo

Leah Thompson is my student of the month, because of her tireless dedication the television studio, both in class and during the club. It is not uncommon for Leah to be one of the first people to come to class, or club and then to be the last person out the door. She has shown a “no fear” attitude when given an assignment for the Vikings Sports Network, and also when it comes to trying new reporting techniques. So far this year, Leah has reported on two stories, and broadcast two volleyball matches. Leah will have a bright future in the television industry, and it is exciting to see her constant growth not only as a reporter, but also as a student and an individual. 


Mark Hoskins, Grade 11
Nominated by Brittany Bailey

I would like to nominate Mark Hoskins for student of the month because he has already shown much improvement this year. He comes to class ready to work hard. He has helped new students in understanding what is expected in class. Mark is always happy and willing to do whatever he can to help. He has also started to come out of his shell and become more social. He was first to volunteer to help out with the television production for the football games. I also saw him attending after school activities to broaden his horizons. He also took it upon himself to try to better himself both in and out of school. Mark has shown on many occasions this year that he going to excel. I am very proud of Mark and his accomplishments already this year. He is truly becoming a leader within the classroom.


Jessica Prainito, Grade 11
Nominated by Janie Doustsos

Jessica Prainito is my choice for student of the month. After having her as a student last year, I was thrilled to see her name on my roster again this year. I can always count on Jessica to come to class with a natural cheerfulness that is contagious. Jessica is the type of student whom other students find approachable and easy to work with. She will easily engage shy students and make them feel comfortable in small group work. Jessica also brings a high level of integrity to her academic endeavors. I know that she will always complete assignments in a way that demonstrates her love of learning. Jessica is a deep thinker who takes time to ponder a lesson and ask follow up questions. This is how I know that, for her, learning is truly a matter of personal growth. 


Brooke Buchik, Grade 10
Nominated by Rob Showalter

Over the past month Brooke has chosen to put forth the extra effort in class to work through concepts that are difficult to understand.  I can already tell that she will quickly become a classroom leader and won't shy away from actively collaborating with her classmates to understand the content we will discuss this year. In this short time Brooke has shown that she can overcome and persevere through difficult material and succeed in the end. This is why Brooke Buchik is my student of the month. 


SOURCE: Geneva School District 304


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