Geneva Family Starts 'Mis at the Zoo' Fundraiser at Brookfield Zoo

You can help Drew and folks like him by having a wonderful day at Brookfield Zoo. The Oct. 6 fundraiser for Misericordia is called "Mis at the Zoo."

Screen shot from YouTube video. | Credit: Brookfifeld Zoo and Misercordia.
Screen shot from YouTube video. | Credit: Brookfifeld Zoo and Misercordia.
I received an email Friday from former Geneva resident Amy Althoff Drake asking if we might post a story about her brother, Andrew (Drew), who grew up with Amy in Geneva.

Amy and Drew's parents still live in Geneva, and Drew, who has special needs, went through Geneva School District 304. Now, thanks to Misericordia in Chicago, he "is living a very full life, with all kinds of activities — from working in the Misericordia bakery to taking care of the recycling," Amy said.

Drew just celebrated his 30th birthday at Misericordia, with a disc jockey and inflatable guitars and microphones, Amy said.

"Many people know Drew in Geneva. He was a big bike rider, and a big fan of the police. I'm sure the squad still knows Drew," she said.

Now, Drew's family is hosting an Oct. 6 fundraiser for Misericordia at Brookfield Zoo, called "Mis at the Zoo."

Brookfield Zoo has been very active in involving the special needs population in its conservation efforts, both educating these individuals and helping them to work at the zoo. On Oct. 6, they are supplying the location for the Althoffs' fundraiser.

"A lot of people who have been in Geneva for years will know Drew and be familiar with our family. And, we've had several Geneva businesses give us items for our fundraiser," Amy said.

To find out more, click on misatthezoo.com and the youtube video that Brookfield produced with Misericordia that won a Chicago Emmy.


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