Freeze Watch in Effect Wednesday Morning

The Tuesday Freeze Warning is over, but we're asked to watch for freezing temperatures overnight.

Freezing temperatures are expected in Kane County early Wednesday morning.

The National Weather Service-Chicago canceled its Freeze Warning as of 7:55 a.m. Tuesday, April 10, but kept the Freeze Watch in effect from late tonight (Tuesday, April 10) through Wednesday morning.

Temperatures were at or just below 32 degrees early this morning. They are expected to dive back to that range in the wee hours of Wednesday, the NWS-Chicago says.

A Freeze Watch means sub-freezing temperatures are possible. This is especially important to note, the NWS says, because of the record warm March, which spurred vegetation growth much earlier than normal. Obviously, sensitive vegetation can be killed by freezing temperatures.

Check out for links to learn more about how to protect your plants.


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