UPDATE: St. Charles Borders Store Closing a "Surprise" Despite Awareness of Mounting Troubles for the Company

Thirty percent of Borders stores will close nationwide, according to reports.

UPDATE: While St. Charles city officials were aware of pending bankruptcy proceedings for bookstore giant Borders, some were told as recently as last week that there was no indication of the possible closing of the West Main Street location.

Economic Development Director Chris Aiston said store management told them during an inspection last week that they knew nothing about the location closing in the near future.

"She (the store manager) said she did not have any indication of that," Aiston told the St. Charles Patch on Wednesday. He called the closing a "surprise" despite knowing about the long-perceived troubles at the corporate level.

The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets are reporting that the St. Charles Borders is among 200 stores closing nationwide after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Thirty percent of company 642 stores throughout the country are expected to shut their doors, according to reports.

One manager at the St. Charles location declined to comment Wednesday. The store manager is reportedly unavailable until Friday. Calls to Borders corporate media relations went unanswered.

The borders on Randall Road in Geneva is not among those slated for closing, according to report. About 15 locations in the Chicago area will close.

This news comes more than a month after a different major retail outlet, , announced it will close its location inside the Charlestowne Mall.

Editor's Note: Two paragraphs in this story that included information from St. Charles officials were changed to reflect that while the closing came as a surprise to them, they were aware of the pending bankruptcy.

K February 17, 2011 at 03:30 AM
The east side of St. Charles is beginning to look really sad. SO many stores leaving, and that mall: except for anchors, is virtually empty. What is going on St. Charles?! Bakers Square, Cork and Fork, Sugo, Sears, Cold Stone creamery, The sewing machine store, Learning Express, Bennigans, Hallmark, Tuesday morning, KFC ... it is getting ridiculous. How about a Trader Joe's somewhere over here would be nice!
Sandy Kaczmarski February 17, 2011 at 01:55 PM
When I lived in Wheaton, I would drive out to Charlestowne because it was less crowded and I enjoyed coming out to the Tri-Cities. Still shop there with what's left. Don't have the answer, but it seems like this area should be able to revitalize.
Mickey February 17, 2011 at 04:55 PM
As for Borders in St Charles, I don't believe that store has ever done well. It takes more than just opening the doors to make a business successful. I've never seen anything imaginative, any outreach from the St Charles Borders store. In fact one time when there was an issue of store policy that the front line employees were unable to help a group of customers overcome, we attempted to speak with the manager. From a distance she shook her head "no" and held her hand up as a traffic officer would signal, "stop," and warn off with her head down, like a gangster being rushed past reporters to a jail cell.
John Icke February 19, 2011 at 08:55 PM
St. Charles is becoming a ghost town over there neat the Charlestowne mall. Borders will be gone, the store property next to it is already empty and the mall is like walking through a third world barter and trade village. Last time I walked thru the mall there was a bunch of tables like a block party and vendors just sitting there hooping to sell knick knacks. There was a cab driver trying to sell a book he self published about his cab experiences sitting outside an empty store space. It was downright creepy and sad. How does that place stay open?


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