Salon Hype: Natural Looking and Slightly Untamed Hair is the Look this Spring

Salon Hype owner Ross Bartolomei says soft, natural hair with a bit of wild streak is the look that's in this spring.

With the early arrival of spring this year, downtown La Grange is already looking like a runway show. A walk by shops and restaurants along La Grange Road reveals spring fashion has arrived as well, modeled by La Grange residents who are excited to forget winter and move on to summer.

If you want to look right this spring, the top is a good place to start, suggests owner Ross Bartolomei.

"Everything is about nature right now," Bartolomei said and suggested La Grange women consider a softer, natural look for this season if they're considering a change. "We're seeing a kind of '50s and '70s mixed thing right now."

Whether you want to go short or long, Bartolomei said, the look is natural with a bit of a wild side. This is a change from looks in the fall and winter that featured defined edges. This season, think soft and playful, Bartolomei suggested. Volume is in, but in a way that looks effortless, and like you've done little to style it. To get the look, take a round brush and twist the hair out (see the picture) to get the naturally teased look.

The same is true with hair colors, Bartolomei said. Soft, natural looking highlights and colors are the way to go.

"You want to show off the texture of the hair, but still be smooth and not obvious," Bartolomei said. "With color, you want it to be more subtle."

The look translates well to the suburbs, he said. It's easy to do, doesn't take much time and can be worn a lot of different ways. For special occasions, Bartolomei suggested wearing it up, in a loose, but constructed way that updates a more traditional look. For something more contemporary, Bartolomei suggested wearing it up, with the hair pulled tighter on the sides.

Hair lingo, like art-speak and fashion vernacular is a lot easier said than explained it turns out. As Bartolomei was throwing around words like teased, misplaced and unconstructed, I started to get a little lost. Luckily, Bartolomei had a large stack of fashion magazines on hand to point out looks that worked.

Bartolomei said this happens when customers come in as well, wondering if a style would look good on them, but without a way to explain it. His suggestion was to bring in a picture of what you're going for, while also keeping practicality in mind—knowing you don't have a personal hair stylist at home most likely.

"Fashion magazines are good to find pictures in," Bartolomei said. "Try to stay away from hair magazines—they tend to be a poor representation.

For those looking for a new look this season, above all, be bold, Bartolomei said.

"If you can wear it, and wear it [with confidence], do it."

Nancy Pipal April 19, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Great advice and I am a big fan of Ross and his place Salon Hype. It's a pleasure to be there every single time. The hairstylists and the colorists, as well as the Spa services experts, are all outstanding! Everyone is welcoming and it's all so sparkling clean. Best salon I have ever experienced and most importantly, I love my hair!


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