Patch Picks: 5 Places to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

While it's not Mexico's "official" independence day, Cinco de Mayo a way to celebrate a culture that refused to give up an important battle in their history.

May 5 marks the un-offical day of Mexican independence. Patch found five ways to experience the celebration of the Mexican battle that kept French forces at bay in the 1860s. What better way to take part in the festivities than to enjoy some fine Mexican inspired cuisine? 

1. features home made recipes from Mexico City. This family owned restaurant brings the flavors of Mexico into Geneva, with authentic ingredients and classic Mexican hospitality. 

2. means mortar and pestle in Spanish and signifies the cooking tools used to grind fragrant spices and salsas. This little restaurant in downtown Geneva makes an impact with their fresh guacamole and massive combination plates. 

3. is a favorite for the Geneva lunch crowd with delicious tacos and tortas. Their "Cantina Combo's" are a great way to try a few tastes of some of their most popular dishes. Or stop in for breakfast to enjoy a spicy Mexican meal early in the day. 

4. is one of downtown Geneva's favorite Mexican eateries. The interior of the restaurant puts guests in a festive mood which carries over on to the outdoor patio in warmer months. Sergio's always has good food and drink specials, making them a budget friendly way to celebrate any occasion. 

5. is a upsacle Latin restaurant who's speak for themselves. Their recent renovations have given guests a little more space to enjoy meals, but the food has always been worth the hour (sometimes longer) wait that flows out their doors on summer nights. 

John Smetak May 05, 2011 at 09:57 PM
This holiday is not celebrated in Mexico for the most part. It is a manufactured holiday to increase liquor sales.


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