No. 8: A Brat at The Little Owl?

10 under $10: There are a bunch of under $10 choices at The LIttle Owl. What's your favorite?

Time for an editor's note: Bill has done a wonderful job with the cheap eats series, God bless him, but as good as he is in the dining department, he's not eating at the Little Owl all that often. And as good as the brat might be, it's not the first thing we think about.

Kurt Wehrmeister already has talked about the , and there's the Italian Beef, and a bunch of wonderful wraps and sandwiches, and probably other choices under $10 that might be your favorite.

Still, it's Bill's column, and he likes ...

No. 8: 

After the Asian food and the Bosc Pear salad, how about a complete switching of the culinary gears? This pub is no slouch in the dining department. There's a reason this is Geneva's oldest restaurant.

Cheap Eat: Go for what The Little Owl does best and enjoy some comfort eating. The beer broiled bratwurst, a grilled 1/4 pound bratwurst topped with your choice of onion, sauerkraut, and spicy mustard is oh so satisfying at $6.95.


About this series

Anytime is a great time to save a few dollars. Unfortunately, if you love to go out to eat, you can find yourself draining those savings rather quickly. Luckily, there's a compromise. Geneva is host to a number of restaurants that are both delicious and affordable.

In this series, we've put together our picks for Geneva's best eats under $10.

Now, here are the very important caveats:

  • Bill wrote this awhile back, and menus and prices are subject to change.
  • Even though they're labeled from No. 1 to No. 10, that doesn't mean that's their rank, by quality or price. It's just the order in which we threw them together.
  • Also, this is not by any means a quintessential list. In fact, if you've got a favorite, let us know! Patch is a participatory sport, and it's OK with us if there are 50 under $10.


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