Giesche Family Planning to Retire; Building for Sale

The Geneva store's list price is $799,000. Giesche's Glen Ellyn store is for sale, as well.

Credit: LoopNet
Credit: LoopNet
You've probably seen in the window of the store: Giesche Shoes' owners are selling the building at 21 N. Fourth St.

Gregory Giesche and his brothers plan to retire once the building is sold, according to the Kane County Chronicle.

The Giesche family has been in the shoe business for more than 200 years, and the Geneva store has been in the same location since 1976. The store is known for its friendly and knowledgeable sales people and selection of fine footwear for the whole family.

The Giesche family also has a store in Glen Ellyn, at 400 N. Main St., which has been a fixture in downtown Glen Ellyn since 1948. The 15,252-square-foot building is for sale, as well, but no price is listed.

The store in Geneva has 4,150 square feet of business space, a 1,120-square-foot basement and a sale price of $799,000, according to LoopNet.

"Built in the 1960s, this free-standing, single-story building presents masonry brick and block construction with property improvements completed in 1988 and 1992," LoopNet says.

Gregory Giesche told the Chronicle that the Giesche family would have a retirement sale once the building is sold, and in retirement, he hopes to stay in Geneva and so some of the things he hasn't been able to do in the past 40 years, "like go to Swedish Days and have a sandwich," he said.
Laura Stuart January 27, 2014 at 11:40 PM
It has been an honor to know Greg and Brian and the whole gang at Giesches. Whether it was baby's first shoes or boots or prom pumps or berks or the softest slippers in the world my whole family really appreciated the quality, service and friendliness. They helped give Geneva a hometown feeling.
Beth Willadsen January 28, 2014 at 08:08 AM
So very, very sad. What's to happen now to the feet of Geneva? Where else can one be fitted for shoes these days? And that was only a fraction of the whole Giesche experience. Another small part of our community life going away. I shall miss my dear friend Brian and the utter professionalism the Gieshe's brought to the retail world. The big boxes will never see postings like these! Farewell, Giesche shoes! Enjoy your new lives, Giesche family! We, and every last foot of us will miss you! Beth Willadsen, Geneva
Beth Willadsen January 30, 2014 at 11:53 AM
if you did not know that Giesche's is a shoe store, the headline regarding the retirement of the Giesche family would lead one to believe their business is a family planning clinic. Need a proof reader?
Beth Willadsen January 31, 2014 at 12:57 PM
Apparently you need editors, writers and proofreaders. Good luck with getting any more/keeping readers if you go to a more regional rather than local content. Extremely local was the point of this venture.
Erik February 01, 2014 at 11:43 PM
I've worked in both indy and corporate shoe stores, and unfortunately the family shoe store is a dying breed. I hope, for the sake of the category, that a shoe person buys the store and keeps a family shoe store in that location. It's another case of people not knowing what they've got 'til it's gone...


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