Gas Gauge: Ouch! Price of Gasoline in Geneva Going Up Sharply Again

The price of a gallon of regular shoots back to just under the $4 mark. I'm suspecting intrigue and espionage.

When I was collecting data for Geneva Gas Gauge this morning, I couldn't help thinking of the admonition of the limo driver.

My beautiful wife, Paula, rode in a limo with a chatty airport driver a few weeks ago who told her gas prices would go up after the Fourth of July and that they'd get to $4.50 a gallon.


Maybe these limo drivers know something. Maybe because they're in the transportation business they get the inside skinny from the fringe elements of some arcane cartel that controls gasoline prices.

Or maybe, just maybe, I've been reading too many Robert Ludlum novels.

The average price of a gallon of gas in Geneva shot up 8 cents this week. And I guess that's not so big a jump, considering some of the previous weeks' volatility.

Still, it's the highest average price since June 13. And probably won't get much better.

Let's just hope limo man was wrong about $4.50.


STATION June 20 PRICE June 27 PRICE July 5 PRICE July 11 PRICE July 18 PRICE Citgo, Batavia Ave.  $3.89 $3.85 $3.90 $3.90 $3.99 BP on West State $3.85 $3.79 $3.89 $3.89 $3.95 Meijer on Randall $3.85 $3.79 $3.89 $3.89 $3.95 Citgo, East State and Crissey $3.85 $3.79 $3.89 $3.89 $3.97 Fuller's, East State $3.85 $3.79 $3.89 $3.89 $3.97 Shell, Kirk and E. State $3.85 $3.79 $3.89 $3.89 $3.97 Marathon, Kirk and E. State $3.85 $3.81 $3.89 $3.89 $3.97 AVERAGE PRICE $3.86 $3.80 $3.89 $3.89 $3.97


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