Gas Gauge: Now the Low Price Is Down to $3.45 a Gallon

Here are the prices in Geneva and some other websites to find prices throughout the Chicago area.

Each week when we do Gas Gauge, we find new websites that carry a variety of gas-related information.

WGN has a very good website that shows a map of gas prices in the Chicago area. On Wednesday night, the lowest was $3.35 in Buffalo Grove.

Not surprisingly, the Chicago Tribune has pretty much the same information, this time in chart form, on its website. The numbers are provided by gasbuddy, which is a site we've mentioned several times.

CBS Chicago has an interesting story that says the lower prices have to do with the phasing out of the "summer blend," which sounds more like a microbrew than than a high octane.

The SouthtownStar website also talks about the summer-season blend and quotes and industry analyst as saying the price could drop by a dime or a quarter by Christmas.

So there you have it, a cornucopia of gas-related information at your fingertips.

Here's the lowdown on prices in Geneva, collected Tuesday morning, Oct. 11. As you can see, the low price point is shared by four stations, all on the East Side: , Marathon, and .


STATION Sept. 12 PRICE Sept. 19 PRICE Sept. 26 PRICE Oct. 3 PRICE Oct. 11 PRICE Citgo, Batavia Ave.  $3.93 $3.88 $3.63 $3.55 $3.49 BP on West State $3.89 $3.79 $3.59 $3.49 $3.46 Meijer on Randall $3.89 $3.79 $3.59 $3.49 $3.46 Citgo, East State and Crissey $3.89 $3.79 $3.59 $3.52 $3.45 Fuller's, East State $3.89 $3.79 $3.59 $3.52 $3.45 Shell, Kirk and E. State $3.89 $3.79 $3.59 $3.52  $3.45 Marathon, Kirk and E. State $3.89 $3.79 $3.59 $3.52  $3.45 AVERAGE PRICE $3.90 $3.80

$3.59 $3.52 $3.46

* Price of a gallon of regular, not including the .009 that's always tacked on at the end.


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