Bar & Grill /Nightclub Going Into 302 West Building?

Several unconfirmed reports say the 302 West State Street building might be leased to a restaurant and music purveyor.

Several Patch readers have called or e-mailed on this Valentine's Day to say that the heart of Geneva has a strong new beat.

Sources say Evenflow Music & Spirits LLC is taking a look at either leasing or purchasing the former 302 West building at the southwest corner of State Street and Third Street in downtown Geneva.

Nick Mercadante is the owner and assistant general manager of the company, which some say is interested in putting a bar and grill or entertainment club at the former State Bank building, which more recently was the home for 302 West and other restaurants.

Calls to Mercadante and to commercial real estate agent Tony Stefancic were not immediately returned.

The website for Even Flow Music & Spirits is still under construction.

The historic, brick has been vacant for more than four years.

The possible lease or sale of the corner building would be a shot in the arm to Geneva's downtown, which has seen a number of vacancies in recent months. The across the street from 302 West and the location at the intersection's other corner are available for sale or lease.

Sources say other prominent buildings in the downtown have opportunties for tenants in the near future.

Patch will follow up to this article as more information becomes available.

Betty Collins February 15, 2012 at 02:50 AM
Sounds like it could be a fun addition to downtown Geneva.
Lisa February 15, 2012 at 03:54 AM
Fun? Really? There are enough pub grill bars in St Charles if people want to go I say no to this as this will drive only riff raff into Geneva from unfavorable surrounding cities ... If its a night club.... Let's get real people the real reason Geneva is suffering is because of rent prices and lack of true genuine businesses... It's time to turn Grnevva back to what it was not some Naperville wannabe town.. Remember we were here first and it should remain classic not hippy trendy....
Connie Wagner February 15, 2012 at 02:43 PM
How wonderful. As a couple who like to stay in Geneva and not drive to other venues to listen to music this is great possible edition!
Lance Mitchell February 15, 2012 at 04:18 PM
So Lisa would prefer to see the building remain vacant for another four years or torn down so that something other than a restaurant/club could go in there/ I am with Connie and would like to see a viable business in there. Lisa, not everyone who likes to go out for a drink and listen to music is a low life
Elizabeth February 15, 2012 at 09:55 PM
I think Evenflow sounds like a great addition to the downtown Geneva area! As a resident of Geneva I am excited about the idea of something like this come to the area. My husband and I love to listen to live music and now we will not have to drive far to hear it. It is great that someone is investing in downtown Geneva and keeping the growth local-it sounds like a unique idea, with no other places nearby providing this type of entertainment. Can't wait for it to open!
Jake Hyns February 16, 2012 at 12:31 AM
Evenflow is not going to be a nightclub. It is going to be a fun, cool bar with lots of Great live music. The music is what will diferentiate it from the St Charles bars.
Susie Dooberstein February 16, 2012 at 12:39 AM
Lisa - what do you propose as "true genuine businesses"? Last I heard Naperville had a thriving and successful downtown area.
Jim J February 16, 2012 at 08:25 PM
It's not like there isn't any live music in Geneva already: Villa Verone, Flagstone, Wildwood and Old Towne come to mind. We do miss the Gazebo though. What we lost with the passing of Mr. Findlay and the closing of 302 West was a destination restaurant for all of Chicagoland. That has yet to be replaced in town (though kudos to Niche for coming close) and will not be by this latest proposed use, unfortunately. Jim James
MB March 26, 2012 at 09:55 PM
Bien Trucha has become a destination restaurant for all of Chicagoland.
tina April 20, 2012 at 06:10 AM
Just a follow up to the comment I have just read.....Folks: you have seen nothing like the service standards this place will offer! It's not a pub grill bar. It's a classy, upbeat, friendly place that is acoustically and aesthetically pleasing! This place is CLASSIC. I do know when Even Flow open those doors to Geneva, you will see a true, genuine business ready to bloom! Come on out and enjoy great food, great service, and great people!!!! SEE YOU IN JUNE
Peggy Linhart Farrell June 25, 2012 at 03:47 AM
Geneva needs some exciting nightlife places to go for us baby boomers who like to go out on a Saturday night and have a nice dinner, listen to some great live music and even dance a little. Sounds like a great "date night" place to go to and sooo close to home!!!
David July 02, 2012 at 02:54 PM
walking by the place looks AMAZING, it looks very classy for a bar with live music but they were rocking out last night during a soft opening. cant wait till 7-3 when its open for good. i wish these guys only the best during tough times for most people
Pam July 10, 2012 at 10:03 PM
There's no "riff raff" in Geneva?
James March 06, 2013 at 07:53 PM
If you don't like it, don't go simple as that. As for the "riff raff" it will bring, better lock your doors Lisa...some people might not even be white! BOO!


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