Mother's Day 2012—A Bouquet of Content on Geneva Patch

Happy Mother's Day 2012, Geneva! Here are some items associated with this special day for moms.

I thought it might be nice on Mother's Day 2012 to make it "ridiculously easy" for you to find the Mother's Day-related items on Geneva Patch.

Of course, you can always do that pretty darned easily yourself—for Mother's Day or any other topic—simply by typing a few keywords in the "Search" box at the top right of every page.

One of the cool things about Geneva Patch is that it's a community portal. You can post events and announcements and and , and share information with your friends and neighbors.

If you click on the "Events" tab, you can check out what's going on the events calendar, look at "featured" events or search for an event you want to attend. (With a click, you can also share on Facebook, send a Tweet or an e-mail invitation to a friend.)

I can't possibly keep up with all that's going on in Geneva, so we need you to post your events for us to share with the community.

Some of the stuff below comes a little too close to advertising for my taste, but by the same token, maybe it's news you can use, so I left them in. 

Below are some of the items I came up with in a search for "Mother's Day." There are more than what's listed here, of course, and very likely more will be entered after this is posted. 

Happy Mother's Day, Geneva!






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