Want to Be an Extra in a Movie? Come to the Fabyan Windmill at 'The Witching Hour' July 29-31

You ought to be in pictures. And you can, if you come to the windmill at Fabyan Forest Preserve on July 29-31.


That's the headline of a press release seeking extras for a high-quality independent film being shot in Geneva.

The Witching Hour "is an action-packed horror film based in the early 1900s about a young woman desperately seeking solace as she nears witchdom," the release says.

"As the story begins the town converge onto the festival fairgrounds to celebrate their community in song and dance. As the story progresses a chase between good and evil emerges in the forests near the community. It is there where the love story ends and the suspense begins."

What qualities do you need to play a small role in The Witching Hour? Mostly, you need to show up.

"We are casting men, women and children ofall ages, shapes, sizes, types and ethnicities to be background performers."

Aric Jackson is one of the producers from DePaul University's film school, and he in turn contacted Scot Rolf of the .

The Witching Hour is further described as a top-tier short film. Its screenplay was specifically chosen by the faculty of DePaul University's film school for full support and funding through its prestigious "Project Blue Light" grant, a grant that is only offered once a year to student filmmakers that show extremely strong skills as storytellers through the lens of a camera.

The Witching Hour will begin principle photography on July 21 in Chicago on the DePaul University soundstage, but will move to the Geneva area July 29-31.

If you'd like to be a background performer, please send contact information (photo desired, but not required) to castingtwh@gmail.com. There are no fees to apply.

The location is the Fabyan Windmill at the Fabyan Forest Preserve on Route 25. The shooting will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. on each of the three days.

Learn more at aric@aricjackson.com.


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