'Top Model': Games Begin Tonight for Lexie

Fame is a strange thing in a multimedia world. Geneva's Lexie Tomchek debuts tonight on America's Next Top Model, but you can find her just about everywhere right now in cyber space.

She can technically join Mensa, if she wanted to. Her IQ is high enough.

She is a nationally ranked high jumper, an artist who has sold her work professionally.

"I think I have a really unique mixture of attributes," says Lexie Tomchek of Geneva, who will be competing in Tyra Banks' reality show America's Next Top Model at 7 p.m. on the CW (WGN in these parts).

Lexie says these things on a Web site called Starcasm.net, which includes a video interview. The site lists her name as Lexie Tomcheck.

You can find her on You Tube, of course, in one interesting video in which she talks about some of the "fake" Lexie sites and social media outlets that have popped up of late.

"I have a zero-tolerance policy on imposters," she says. 

You can see her WGN commercial on Lexie ANTM

You can find her track and field profile on athletic.net.

You can discover on poptower that she is taller than 99.8% of all women and that, conversely, she is shorter than 0.02 percent of all women.

If you're sensitive to swear words, you might not want to visit her Twitter page.

"I've got really random things I can do. Which really isn't getting me anywhere," she says on the video. "But I can jump and draw, so that's alright."

In the meantime, you can see Lexie on a familiar medium called television in a "high stakes and high fashion" shootout on the Top Model premiere. Tonight at 8 ... 7  Central, on WGN. 


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